Who Is Landon Repetto Chippewa Falls WI? Lily Peters Murder Suspect Carson Peters Berger Brother

Landon Repetto, a Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin resident, is believed to be the half-brother of Carson Peters Berger, Lily Peters’ murder suspect.

Lily Peters

Authorities in Wisconsin are investigating the murder of a girl aged 10 found dead in the forest.

Lily Peters hasn’t been seen since Sunday. Her father called the police when she didn’t show up at the end of a ride to her aunt’s house.

Police recovered Lily’s bicycle from the woods on Sunday night. Her bones were discovered on Monday,

According to reports, a minor was also apprehended in connection with the incident.

Landon Repetto Of Chippewa Falls WI: Who Is He?

According to reports the half-brother of Carson Peters Berger, Landon Repetto, of Chippewa Falls, WI, has been identified as the main suspect in the murder of Lily Peters.

According to the investigation, Landon’s brother is also reported to be Lily’s cousin.

Additionally, authorities have made an announcement that they have arrested a child as a suspect in the murder of Lily The suspect is not an unknown person.

On the other hand, Chief of Police Matt Kelm refused to reveal his son’s age, nor how he got to know Peters and the reasons for his arrest.

The child the cops were referring to was Lily’s cousin, according to various sources.

Landon Repetto: The Age of Lily Peters’ Murder Suspect’s Brother

His age Landon Repetto is unknown. As of now, no information official about the date of his birth has been made public

His half-brother Carson is, on the other, however, has not yet announced his age. Carson’s age isn’t known since the government considers him to be a minor.

According to reports, Lily Peters was characterized as a girl of 10 years old who was just starting out in life. She was forced to go through a devastating death.

Landon Repetto’s Parents: Is He John Repetto’s Son?

While no definitive information about Landon Repetto’s parents has been discovered, he has been thought of as the child of Laurie Peters’ Chippewa Fall, WI lover, John Repetto.

In addition, John’s name has been revealed on the web as the stepfather of the person who is the suspect in Lily’s murder.

The stage was taken off because the father seems to have offered something illegal through online entertainment.

Many criticize him, however, we don’t know what kind of remarks he’s previously made.

Is it possible to locate Landon Repetto on Facebook?

Through Facebook Landon Repetto and his half-brother, Carson both are not available. However, a profile for the father, John Repetto, can be kept.

He has a profile on Facebook as John Repetto (Jack), where he claims to reside within Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and was born in Avondale, Arizona.