Who Is Jaydayoungan Girlfriend Carena Vonchae? His Baby Mama Jordan B Today

The passing of rapper Jaydayoungan has left the Internet in a state of mourning, but his girlfriend, Carena Vonchae, is going through the most difficult moment of her life.

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On Facebook, the Bogalusa Police Department stated that JayDaYoungan had passed away after being shot in the state of Louisiana. The police have described Kenyatta Scott Sr. as a “close family member,” and at this time, he is listed as having a stable condition. Kenyatta Scott Sr. was also injured during the incident.

Javorius Scott had reached the age of 24. In addition to that, many called him JayDaYoungan. According to the head of the Bogalusa Police Department, Kendall Bullen, who spoke with Complex, the information shared on Facebook was accurate.

Who exactly is this Carena Vonchae that Jaydayoungan seems to be dating?

Carena Vonchae, who is dating Jaydayoungan, is a well-known model and Internet celebrity who has a large number of devoted followers.

It may be deduced from the fact that she has 282 thousand followers combined across Instagram and YouTube that she is a rather well-known figure.

She is a hairstylist in addition to being a model, and her ultimate goal is to launch her own company. Carena Does Hair is the name of her successful hair salon located in the Richmond neighborhood of Atlanta.

In addition to that, she is on her way to a new business that she is starting called Vonchae Collection, where she will be working in the retail and shopping industries.

She is quite wealthy as a result of her success on social media. While the other has not yet reached its full potential, the one that is already well-known has approximately 10.6 thousand followers.

She has a savvy approach to business, as she effectively uses the renown that comes with her work.

The model has just discovered that she will not be able to keep her baby, which is the worst thing that could have ever happened to her.

It has been speculated that the birth did not occur, and on her Instagram account, Carena has written eloquently about the tragic occurrence and how it altered the course of her life. She was very late in letting people know she was pregnant, and the few images she shared of her growing belly indicated how much the baby meant to her.

She utters the following: “Amazi Breeze Scott June 10, 2022… It was excruciatingly painful to part ways with such a radiant spirit, yet you fought valiantly for your mother.

Jaydayoungan Family Details

On July 15, 1998, JayDaYoungan was born to his parents in Bogalusa, which is located in the state of Louisiana, which is in the United States.

Even though we do not have much information about his mother at this time, we know that his father passed away in the same shooting that he was in today.

Jaydayoungan Baby Mama Jordan B Today

Jordan B, the mother of Jaydayoungan, is quite active on social media.

She is happy to be raising her child, @jr baby23, with the rapper’s assistance. He lost his father today as a result of a tragic shooting.

Recently, Jordan has been the target of several negative comments made online.

It has been asserted that she desired the demise of Carena’s child, which has resulted in a great deal of outrage on Twitter and many other social networking sites.

She has disabled the comment section on every one of her accounts. Additionally, because Jordan had to deal with being bullied, she stopped uploading images of her newborn child on the Instagram account that his parents had created for him.

Some comments in it are quite depressing and difficult to comprehend. You begin to wonder what the little one has done to warrant the amount of hatred directed toward him recently.

A member of the Twitterati commented on Jordan’s Twitter account on June 20 and said, “You are way too odd to write about someone’s loss. You’ll never find contentment; please, my god, don’t let you turn sour. I’m sorry to tell you this, but your child needs a mother who is more capable than you are.