Who is Jack Sepple and Why did He Kill Ashley Wadsworth? Learn What Happened

Jack Sepple, a British man, killed his girlfriend, Ashley Wadsworth, a Canadian lady when she traveled to the UK from Canada to meet him. The two had found each other via an online dating app. Read on to know who is Jack Sepple and why did he kill Ashley Wadsworth.

The tragic incident took place in February when Ms. Wadsworth was found dead of stab wounds in the chest at a home in Chelmsford. Sepple had been charged with murder and he admitted killing her today.

Ashley Wadsworth Murder: What happened to the UK Girl?

Ashley Wadsworth was a 19-year-old girl from Vernon in British Columbia, Canada. She traveled to Chelmsford, Essex, the UK, in November last year to be with her boyfriend, Jack Sepple, whom she met through a dating app.

Wadsworth was found dead at a home in Chelmsford on Friday, February 1, 2022, after the Essex Police responded to a call at a Tennyson Roadhouse. The paramedics declared her dead at around 4:38 PM despite their best efforts to save her.

The autopsy reports confirmed that Ms. Wadsworth died of stab wounds in the chest. Her boyfriend Jack was the prime suspect in her murder as a knife that belonged to him was found near her body. Several other pieces of evidence pointed toward him.

Ashley’s tragic death saw an overwhelming amount of grief from the Chelmsford community, nationally, and internationally. Vigils were held for her in parks close to the area where she stayed and in Vernon.

Her family released a statement stating that she was a “kind and beautiful woman” with an “unforgettable laugh”. Her beloved people celebrated her “spontaneous, witty, kind personality”. She was remembered as “fiercely loving and loyal to her family and friends” alike.

Her older sister Hailey said she will always treasure Ashley, as her “best friend”. Ashley’s niece Paisley called her the “best aunt ever”.

Who is Jack Sepple? He Admitted Killing Ashley Wadsworth

Jack Sepple is a 23-year-old British man who killed his girlfriend Ashley Wadsworth earlier this year. He viciously stabbed her to death when she was at his home. He was initially due to stand trial for murder in November this year

However, Jack Sepple had admitted to murdering Ashley Wadsworth today at Chelmsford Crown Court. He is set to be sentenced at a later date. Jack faces a life sentence for the heinous crime.

Detective Superintendent Scott Egerton, the senior investigating officer said: “Today, Jack Sepple has admitted murdering Ashley Wadsworth. The evidence against Sepple is so overwhelming that he was left with very few options other than to admit his guilt.

“At the very least, today’s plea means Ashley’s family will be spared the heartache of having to sit through a trial. I hope today that they can feel some form of comfort knowing that Sepple is facing a substantial amount of time behind bars for his actions.”

Why did Jack Sepple kill Ashley Wadsworth?

The motive behind Ashely Wadsworth’s murder remains unknown as neither the Chelmsford Crown Court nor the Essex police publically reveals why Jack Sepple killed her. They only confirmed that he admitted to killing her and faces a life sentence for the crime.

The two young people met through a dating app and became very close. Ashley had traveled to the UK from Canada to be with him. The two were seen hugging in front of a popular London tourist location on Ashley’s Facebook profile.

She referred to him as “my bestie” in the caption of the pictures. Ashley was supposed to return to Vernon after reportedly cutting her trip short as “things weren’t going great.” However, she never returned home as Jack killed her.

We’ll keep you updated with further developments on this case.