Who Is Hayden Kristal? AGT Deaf Comedian Biography Details, Where Is She Actually From?

Hayden Kristal, a deaf comedian who is competing in AGT 2022, got good feedback from the judges. People on the Internet are curious to find out who she really is.

Hayden Kristal is an up-and-coming American comedian who is deaf and used to work at a zoo. She’s getting noticed for her look at the 2022 America’s Got Talent show (AGT).

Kristal will also be a supporter of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood and an intersectional accessibility activist. She also has two majors: one is in sign language and the other is in zoo-keeping.

Hayden has successfully worked for a number of colleges and organizations. She has also been on Stand Up NBC and has started the reveals for Maria Bamford.

Who is deaf comedian Hayden Kristal, who will be on AGT 2022?

Hayden Kristal is a deaf comedian and used to work as a zookeeper. she is a contestant on America’s Got Talent (AGT).

She tried out and made the judges and the crowd laugh. Since she is deaf, she brought a translator with her to make it easier for people to talk to her.

As soon as Hayden got on stage, the judges started talking with her. She used sign language to confuse them, but then she let them know she was joking (not in regards to the sign language half though).

After that, Kristal called her interpreter to the stage and started to sing. She did a great job, and the audience couldn’t stop laughing at how funny she was.

All of the judges chose Hayden for the next round, and she or he couldn’t be happier.

How old is Hayden Kristal? Where is she from?

Hayden Kristal’s exact age is unknown, but she is probably between 20 and 30 years younger.

She is a comedian who goes on tour. She is young, beautiful, and very funny. She is an American citizen, and she or he is of the white race.

Also, Kristal is originally from Brooklyn.

Hayden Kristal’s bio

Hayden Kristal is an upcoming comedian,

She went to a high school in Brooklyn that was close to her home. After that, she went to a good school where she studied American Sign Language and how to run a zoo.

Kristal used to work for the Koko Foundation when she was in college. But they turned her down because she couldn’t listen, which is why she was mad at them.

Hayden worked as a keeper at a local zoo for a few years. She quit after that to become a stand-up comedian and public speaker.

Kristal has been giving talks about selection and intersectionality, according to her website. She has spoken for Yale and Harvard, as well as for TEDx and the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Hayden had also been in Stand Up NBC before and made it to the semi-finals. In the same way, she was one of the three finalists for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’s Comedy Writing Mentorship.

Kristal has also opened shows for Maria Bamford, and she is qualified for AGT 2022.

Details On Hayden Kristal Parents & Family

Hayden Kristal was raised by her loving parents, whose names and addresses are kept secret.

Along with herself, she has a wonderful family of four. Besides her family, she has a great sister who hasn’t been recognized yet.

Kristal is bisexual, and Pinkie is his or her girlfriend. She is an artist and Hollywood trial data, and she uses the handle @yeehawllywood on the internet.

On Instagram, you can meet comic Hayden Kristal.

Hayden Kristal, who is a comedian, is full of life on Instagram as @haydenkristal.

She has 85.3K people following her account. She posts short videos and photos that keep her followers interested.

In the same way, Kristal has gained 1237 followers on Twitter and about 570K followers on TikTok.