Who is Greg Chew? Derrick Yearby charged for assaulting former San Francisco commissioner

According to statements made by the San Francisco Police Department on August 7, Derrick Yearby, the person responsible for the racial assault committed on longtime public worker Greg Chew, was taken into custody. Yearby was arrested and taken to the San Francisco County Jail after being taken into custody.

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Gregory “Greg” Chew is a prominent figure in the Asian-American community that is located in San Francisco. Gregory “Greg” Chew is a former commissioner for immigrant rights and has served on numerous city commissions.

Greg Chew stated that on August 2, while crossing Folsom and Third Streets, he was suddenly punched by an assailant who rode up on a bicycle. The incident took place on a Tuesday. As a result of the assault, he has a swollen eye and a broken shoulder on his left side.

Kathryn Winters, the public information officer for the San Francisco Police Department, told the media that it was fortunate that the police had a significant amount of photographic and video evidence for the incident, which enabled the rapid arrest of the suspect.

“In this instance, law enforcement successfully identified the person responsible for the crime relatively quickly. As a direct result of this, some really good police officers are currently working out in the field.

As a result of Greg Chew’s statement that nothing was taken after the event, people began to assume that this was a hate crime motivated by racism. On the other hand, Yearby has not been charged with the same offence as of yet. Investigators are currently conducting additional research into the situation in question.

Officers from the Southern Station responded on August 2 after receiving a call about a possible violent attack, according to a statement issued by the San Francisco Police Department in a news release that was issued on Sunday.

Greg Chew told the authorities that he had been hit by an individual who remained unidentified, which caused him to fall to the ground. After the attack, he remembered being knocked unconscious and banging his head on the ground, but he later realised that his wallet and phone had remained in the pockets they had been in. He stated that neither his attacker nor those people had stolen anything from him.

“This kind of violence, which in recent years has disproportionately targeted elders in our AAPI communities, should have no place in San Francisco,”

Supervisor Matt Dorsey’s office stated in a press release:.

In his remarks, he also said that, according to the San Francisco police, the number of hate crimes committed against Asians increased by 567% in 2021.

According to the information provided by Dorsey’s office, Yearby was taken into custody and transported to the San Francisco County Jail, where he is currently being held on suspicion of aggravated violence with serious bodily injury, assault with the potential for significant bodily injury, elder abuse, and enhancement of great bodily injury.

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