Who is Damien Bendall? Killamarsh Murderer Given Life Sentence for Killing Four People

Damien Bendall is a monster who killed four people including his pregnant partner and three children in Killamarsh, England. Read on to learn who is Damien Bendall, why did he kill four people ruthlessly, and what punishment did he receive today.

Bendall pleaded guilty to murdering the four victims who were found dead in a compromising situation last year. He also raped one of the victims who was a minor at the time of her death.

Who is Damien Bendall?

Damien Bendall is the culprit of the Killamarsh murders that shocked the world last year. He killed four people at his home which included his pregnanet partner Terri Harris, her two children, and friend of her daughter.

Damein Bendall is a monster. He is a cocaine-fuelled pedophile who also raped Harris’ daughter before killing her. He used a clawhammer to kill all four people. The 32-year-old man met Terri on a dating app and moved in with her.

He is the murderer of his romantic partner, her children, and another innocent girl. All four victims were discovered by the Killamarsh police in freak positions, covered in blood.

Who were the Four Victims killed by Damien Bendall?

The four victims whom Damien Bendall, 32, killed in a Derbyshire house in 2021 included Terri Harris, 35, her son John Bennett, 13, daughter Lacey Bennett, 11, and Lacey’s 11-year-old friend Connie Gent. He attacked the victims with a claw hammer when they were defenseless.

Bendall attacked John from behind while he was going for a bath. He striked on him head at least 9 times according to the postmortem report. His body was found naked lying in a pool of blood when the police responded to the crime scene.

Bendall also raped Lacey downstairs before taking her upstairs and then raping her. Eventually, he killed her by attacking at her head and upper body and also tried strandling her neck. He also killed Terri and Connie in a similar manner.

Damien Bendall Given Whole Life-Order For Killing Four

Damien Bendall was originally scheduled to stand trial on March 21, 2022, but a new trial date of May 9, 2022 was decided. It was again moved further to October and then to November 24, 2022. After that, the case was set for Monday December 19, but moved a day again.

The much-awaited trial finally took place today at 10:15 AM in court 4 at Derby Crown Court. Damienl Bendall was branded a “monster” in the court and was given a whole-life order. This means he will not be released from the prison ever, except in exceptional compassionate circumstances.

“As the prosecution have said, you carried out vicious, brutal and cruel attacks on a defenceless woman and three young children, during which you went around the house attacking them,” Mr. Justice Sweeney told Bendall. He pleaded guilty to killing all four victims.

What was the Motive Behind Killamarsh Murders?

There was no clear motive behind Killamarsh murders that left the world shocked. Damienl Bendall killed his partner and three innocent children under the influence of cocaine as revealed by the police. He is an extreme drug addict.

A police bodycam footage that was played in the court revealed that Bendall was seen speaking to officers outside the house and telling them calmly, “I’ve murdered four people,” and “I’m not going back to prison.”

Bendall was then arrested and taken to hospital as he had inflicted wounds on himself. He has been in custody ever since until receiving life sentence today.

Damien Bendall is a crazy psychopath who killed four innocent people ruthlessly. After killing them, he left the house and took John’s console with him to buy drugs. Upon returning, he called 999 and informed them that he had killed four people.

That’s all for this story. Our prayers go out to the innocent people killed by a monster. We hope they are at a better place now.