Who is Clive Roslin? Meet the Father of English TV Personality Gaby Roslin

Gaby Roslin is famous English TV and radio presenter. Her father, Clive Roslin, had been diagnosed with bowel cancer around 25 years ago. Here’s who is Clive Roslin and everything else you need to know about Gaby Roslin’s father.

Gaby had been dealing with heartache ever since her father was diagnosed with cancer. However, the brave lady always tries to stay positive amidst adversities. She recently shared a brief note on how cancer impacts their lives and what’s her outlook.

Who is Clive Roslin?

Clive Roslin is the father of British TV personality Gaby Roslin. Clive has been a very talented individual on his own as he had been involved with the BBC from the start of his career. He pioneered the field of broadcasting and worked for LBC and BBC2 TV.

Later, Clive progressed through the ranks to become a renowned news reader for BBC Radio 4. His daughter has been carrying on his legacy now. Clive has also been a guest on a lot of Jewish radio programs and has performed interviews with a number of influential personalities.

Clive Roslin was born in Zimbabwe. At the age of seven, the talented guy started hosting shows on Rhodesian radion revolving around kid-friendly and educational content. He once revealed that he listened to BBC Overseas Service on the radio due to having a crush on actress June Tobin.

In December 1951, Roslin left the City of Canterbury via ship and reached London on January 19, 1952. She then married Muriel Roslin.

Gaby Roslin Reveals how her father Clive Roslin’s Cancer Impacts their Lives

Gaby Roslin, 57, rose to fame co-presenting The Big Breakfast on Channel 4 between 1992 and 1996. She also presented the Children in Need charity telethons on the BBC between 1995 and 2004.

Recently, Gaby shared a few comments on her father Clive Roslin’s bowel cancer and how it affects their lives altogether.

“I think we all suspected it was cancer and if I’m honest I think my mum probably knew that herself but she really didn’t want anyone to know,” said Gaby.

“I remember going to see my mum and dad in different hospitals around the same time and the Marie Curie staff were just so kind,” she added.

“The warmth they showed my mum and dad but also to me was so wonderful. The simple things they did just meant so much: having that extra person to hold our hands and just to know there were other people that cared.”

Gaby went on to state that she always tries to stay positive and figure out the good despite the adversities in her life. Her mother is no more with her. She passed away on the coveted Valentines’ day just weeks after her father’s cancer diagnosis.

Gaby Roslin previously revealed her father’s poor diet led to Bowel Cancer

Previously, Gaby revealed that her dad’s poor diet probably led to his bowel cancer. She went on to state how her interest in healthy food was sparked by three-life changing moments.

Gaby suffered debilitating symptoms before she discovered that she had a wheat allergy. However, her father Clive Roslin was diagnosed with bowel cancer, which Gaby believes could have been triggered by a poor diet.

Thus, no wonder the TV personality is a massive advocate of healthy eating and living.

“We have got to look at ourselves from the inside out. Generally speaking, look after your gut. Don’t eat rubbish, eat healthy food, cook fresh. It doesn’t have to take a long time and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Cut out sugar and salt,” Gaby once said.

“And, remember, the right fats aren’t bad for you. Everyone started going for low-fat food and that is when obesity levels started to peak. It is just understanding what you put into your body and how you can make a difference in your life.”

Gaby has had a tough life where she lost her mother, Jackie, to lung cancer, and her father, Clive Roslin, is suffering from bowel cancer. We request our readers to always keep her in their prayers.