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The day that strangled the world’s oldest democracy, January 6, 2021, was one of many sad days in the history of the United States of America. The riots on Capitol Hill on January 6 were one of the world’s worst attacks on democracy. We’ve all seen violent demonstrators storm the White House premises, the President’s official residence ( President Of The United States ). Incidents like these coming from such a rural have been horrifying in America, the world’s biggest Superpower and oldest democracy. Caroline Edward was one of many officers on the scene that day, and the group injured many officers, including her.

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Caroline has testified in the courtroom procedures of the capitol riot case. She stated that the group was extremely violent and aggressive. At the same time, parliamentarians have declared Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States after he won the election with the most votes. Caroline went on to say how forcefully the gang had knocked her down and the injuries she had sustained. Caroline was massively hit on the head on the Capitol steps and suffered a mental injury. She also admitted that she had been comatose for a time but that as soon as she regained consciousness, she returned to fight these violent mobs attempting to assassinate democracy and destroy the capital. Caroline was stationed with a few officers to protect the Capitol and the members of Congress who were present.

Caroline also admitted that she never thought that, as a police officer, she would find herself in the middle of a war. She admitted that the scene was eerily similar to the War scene. The crowd was smashing anything that came their way toward the Capitol. The act she described in the courtroom was both horrifying and astonishing. Caroline was recognized for her kind and heroic service by Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, the panel’s vice-chair. During the capitol hill riot on January 6, many people were horribly hurt, and a few people lost their lives. The riots were allegedly instigated by then-president Donald Trump, according to reports. The tale, on the other hand, is quite different.

Supporters of Donald Trump were highly dissatisfied with the election results, and as a result, they marched to Capitol Hill. Both parties offer a multitude of justifications for their positions. However, the primary trigger is the horrific motion and violence that occurred that day. On that fateful day, Caroline and other cops were subjected to unspeakable abuse and barbarism. Although the case is in the hands of authorities, as you are aware, the inquiry committee is scheduled to meet the following Monday and will hold six days of public hearings throughout June. Keep up with us for the most up-to-date national and international news,