What did Shamar Duncan do? Why is he charged with murder in Indianapolis shooting?

A 22- year’s old Indiana man named Shamar Duncan has been charged for murder in a shoot happened on Saturday. He has been accused in a shooting and killing incident that happened in front of Indianapolis hotel. According to the police authorities, Duncan has been arrested and will not be getting release from jail until the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office reviews the case.

So what actually happened that day? Read further to know more.

Why is Shamar Duncan charged with murder in Indianapolis shooting?

Shamar Duncan has been accused to shot three Dutch soldiers outside the Indianapolis hotel. One of the Dutch soldiers died and the other two were wounded and two others wounded soldiers were hospitalized. He is arrested by police under murder changes and will be under the police custody until the case is executed.

What has happen?

On 27th August, 2022, Gunshots were heard in front of the Indianapolis hotel at the twilight hour, at around 3:30 am. One man died and two got injured in the shooting, near the 100 block of South Meridian Street.

According to the spectators, the group of Dutch soldiers was going back to the hotel on 27th’ at around 3:30 am from a club downtown. Duncun and his friends were looking for a fight at that moment and bumped with the soldiers. The three soldiers were trying to diffuse the situation when it somehow turned into a fight. The fight lasted for around 30 seconds to few minutes.

The spectator further told the cops that he saw “one of the males who were causing problems” got knocked in to the ground by one soldier. The witness also told the investigator, “I’m going to go get a strap.”  After that the two groups went apart, Duncun’s group went to their pickup and the police went towards their hotel. The truck along with Duncun’s group at that moment, made a sudden U-turn in front of the IndyStar building and accelerated in front of the hotel and started firing towards the troop of Dutch soldiers.

According to the witness, he heard gunshots and then saw the truck going towards north to the Meridian Street.  

Simmie Poetsema, a 26 years old Dutch soldier got killed in the incident. One of the two soldiers who survived was shot in his thigh and faced a huge bleeding.  The two victims are quite well now. One as returned to Netherlands and the other will be released on Thursday, as stated by Dept Police Chief Kendale Adams. “Both are expected to make full recovery”.

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Mears and Adams are the two investigators who are looking into the case, independently. “We’ve been in constant contact with them in terms of what they need,” Adams said. “That will continue to go forward even after today.”

The Dutch Defense Minister, Kajsa Ollongrenhas noticed the incident and showed concern about the same. In a press meeting on Tuesday, he alleged, “We do many trainings of our servicemen in the United States, and we really don’t expect this to happen. So it’s very, very concerning for us.” 

Duncun and his friends were exposed in the court on Thursday. During the court session, judge ordered Duncan to be in ail without bond and on his behalf added an automatic non-guilty plea. The Indianapolis resident is under police custody since Tuesday.

Duncan’s attorney reverted, “Always remember, there are two sides to a story, clearly things got out of control. And it all comes down to, you know, who you believe.” Adams declared the incident as tragic infront of the press. “Today’s announcement sends a clear message that if you irresponsibly discharge a firearm and injure or kill someone, it’s not acceptable,” Adams said.

According to Mears, there are no previous criminal records of Duncun present in the police report and therefore, carrying a gun is not illegal for him. But his friends and his partners can still get criminal charges for the incident.

According to the authorities, the two victims are quite well now. One has returned to the Netherlands and the other will be released on Thursday, as stated by Dept. Police Chief Kendale Adams. “Both are expected to make full recovery”. The whole incident is very shocking to the people and the residents there are in trauma because of the overall gunshot incident.

While more investigations are still an ongoing, and we believe the authorities will be taking the required action towards the sadly incident .