One Piece Latest Episodes,Updates & Spoilers 

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One Piece is being regarded as one of the best popular shows on the market with new episodes coming out every day.

We all know in the previous chapter The end is near for Luffy’s final fight with Kaido. Both men have given their 100% they had.

It is expected that the Straw Hat have to deliver the finishing touch soon, considering fact that Wano Country upon his shoulders.

The last chapter was focused on Luffy’s battle with Kaido. One Piece Chapter 1046 will probably continue where they left off.

Both men are exhausted at the Onigashima raid. Momonosuke and Yamato will likely watch from the sidelines.

Luffy is just beginning to show off his new tricks with gear Fifth. He can turn any object he touches into rubber thanks to his Awakened Devil Fruit powers.

He can also transform into a giant and tower over Kaido’s dragon form. The readers can’t wait to see what Luffy has in store.

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