Was Mona Kizz’s suicide after the footage of the Dubai Porta party went viral? On Sunday, Monic jumped from the Al Fahad hotel in Dubai. She was allegedly involved in the Dubai Porta Potty incident, according to reports.  she is the woman who has become a worldwide viral phenomenon. Monic, a well-known social media influencer, died after falling from a high building. Monic, according to reports, has died. She’s gone, and she attempted suicide to kill herself

Mona Kizz

Was Mona Kizz Attemped Suicide?

She is also called Mona Kizz. She was a Ugandan model and was well-known after her death. The model is gaining popularity online due to the suicide video from Dubai. Monic was a 24-year-old influencer killed after falling from a high-rise. She jumped from a hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Many believe that she committed suicide because of her depression. She was depressed, and the issue was in her head for several days. Many people began saying that she was struggling with mental stress for quite a while and felt as if she was about to give the lady a scream, she fell from the top of the building.

Mona Kizz Dubai Porta Potty Viral Video

Porta Pottys has been viral online for quite a while. There might be a possibility that she committed suicide. Because of the video that went viral. Porta Potty video posted on the internet. The claim was that she was the one who appeared in the viral video. It may be the cause of her suicide attempt. According to the reports, the woman jumped because she was feeling unwell. Therefore, she chooses to die. The public watched her as she began to post her explicit images and videos on social media. That was not something she had done before this. Since she was depressed, it was a type of thing. Monic was a 24-year-old influencer who passed away after jumping from a high-rise. She fell from a building located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Many believe she committed suicide because of her depression. She was mentally stressed.

Why Did Mona Kill Herself?

There were numerous times she was trolled for her social media posts. But, some social media sites and local news outlets are unsure whether the person who jump out of the building was her. However, internet users are certain that Monic is dead, as confirmed. Based on their reports, she’s passed away. In her photographs in which she’s not smiling, and she has an expression of sadness on her face, it is evident that, unfortunately, she took her own life.