How Did George Wassouf’s Son Of Wadih Wassouf Die? Cause Of Death Know Everything About Him

On Friday, Syrian artist George Wassouf, famously known as “Sultan of Tarab”, announced on his Twitter account that his son, Wadih had passed away. This news left many fans and followers feeling heartbroken and saddened by the loss of such an iconic figure in the music industry. Let’s take a closer look at who Wadih was and how his death has impacted his family. Keep reading more

Who was George wassouf?

George Wassouf is a Syrian singer, who was born on December 23, 1961. He has been in the business for more than 40 years and has already released 30 albums, gaining an impressive audience in Arab countries. He married his beloved wife Shalimar after they met while attending a concert. George was only 21 at the time but finally won over her family and tied the knot in Paris. The couple was blessed with three children – Wadih, Hatem, and George Junior. His songs have charmed millions of people all over the world and are considered among some of the best Arabic music ever created.

Throughout his life, George Wassouf was incredibly attached to his eldest son Wadih and even earned himself the nickname “Abu Wadi” (father of Wadih). He often spoke about how much he loved him, even dedicating songs to him in some of his albums.

How did George wassouf die? What was the cause behind His death?

It was a tragic and heartbreaking loss for his family and friends. The highly reputable Lebanese music icon had been transferred to Beirut’s hospital earlier in the week, in critical condition following a successful gastric bypass operation. What ultimately brought about his untimely passing was complications from the surgery, specifically internal bleeding. Although experts declared the procedure to be successful at the time, it ultimately proved fatal for George Wassouf. His family announced his death on Facebook just hours after he had been hospitalized and despite hopes of a recovery.

George wassouf Obituary and Funeral

The news of Wadih’s death came as a heartbreaking shock to everyone who knew him or followed the work of renowned Syrian artist George Wassouf. His father’s love for him was evident in everything he did throughout life – from dedicating songs to him through his music career to being proudly known as “Abu Wadih” by those close to them both personally and professionally. Following the news, a funeral has been scheduled to take place Sunday morning at the Church of St Nicholas within Achrafieh, an upscale suburb in Beirut. George Wassouf’s sudden and unfortunate loss is a difficult time for his family and all those who knew him. Our condolences go out to their friends and family during this time.

Tributes Pour to George wassouf death

Our warmest and deepest condolences to Wassouf’s family and friends. May your soul Rest in Peace Wadih Wassouf, Son of Georges Wassouf @officialwassouf 🙏

Rk Rk
The death of the son of the artist George Wassouf January 6, 2023 Wadih Wassouf, the son of the artist George Wassouf, died after his health deteriorated after undergoing surgery to reduce the stomach. Wadih’s name has always been associated with the name of his father, who was the most beloved title to his heart, “Abu Wadih”. From the MTV family, my deepest condolences to my late father, artist George Wassouf and Mrs. Shalimar.

Mustafa Alkhani
Oh, Abu Wadi, leave this world, why is it so hard 😞
May Allah have mercy on the soul of the precious, Wadee, and grant patience to your heart, Kabir.

Hany Shaker
With hearts that believe in God’s destiny and destiny
Say only what pleases Allah
We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return
My best brother and beloved, the great artist George, and I will mourn him on the death of his precious son Wadee
And ask him to be patient over this great affliction, the affliction of the prophets
May Allah tie his heart and his family and lovers and grant them patience and solace

It is clear that this sudden loss has deeply affected both friends and family members alike. Fans all around the world are mourning along with the Wassouf family during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with the Wassouf family during this difficult time as they grieve for their beloved son and brother. May he rest in peace.