How DId Violet Flowergarden Die? Cause Of Death? Know Everything About YouTube Star and Gaming Icon

On Tuesday, January 17, 2023 Violet Flowergarden, a beloved YouTube star and gaming icon, tragically passed away at the age of 23. Violet was beloved for creating captivating content that combined gaming skills with creativity and humor. She had achieved great success in her short life both professionally and personally. Keep reading more.

Who was Violet Flowergarden?

Sophia Maureen Dinverno, famously known as Violet Flowergarden, first began posting videos on YouTube when she was 13 years old. With her videos providing tips and advice on the popular online game Star Stable, her audience quickly grew. As a result of her increasing followers, Vincent decided to launch her own line of clothes inspired by the game when she turned 18. Three years later at the age of 21, she had achieved 8 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers across other social media platforms. In February 2023 Violet would have accomplished 10 years as a YouTuber and looking back from now we can clearly see all the great accomplishments that she has made along the way.

In addition to creating content related to Star Stable, Violet also started making vlogs about makeup tutorials and lifestyle tips in 2017. These videos proved very successful with viewers who appreciated her warm personality and down-to-earth attitude. Over the next few years, Violet continued to share her passions with viewers around the world through her various channels while also attending college full-time. 

How did Violet Flowergarden die? What was the cause of her death?

News of the tragic death of Violet Flowergarden came as a shock to the millions of fans who had watched and followed her career since its beginnings almost 10 years ago. Her untimely loss was felt on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. To honor her memory, people have been paying tribute by sharing their favorite memories – such as watching her videos and wearing her signature T-shirts inspired by Star Stable characters. Much speculation has surrounded the cause of Flowergarden’s death, although an official source has yet to confirm it.

Violet Flowergarden Obituary 

Although it is heartbreaking that we lost such a talented young woman far too soon, it’s important that we remember all that she achieved during her lifetime—from building an impressive following online to inspiring others with her passion for gaming—and continue what she started in our own lives. Let us take this time to commemorate Violet Flowergarden’s legacy and honor the impact that she left behind on those whose lives she touched with kindness and compassion every day. Rest in peace, Sophia Maureen Dinverno – you will be dearly missed but never forgotten! 

Tributes Pour To Violet Flowergarden Death


Rest in peace violet you were on of my fav sso youtubers ever. I hope you are in peace with your brother. I hope you know that we love you so much and we will forever miss you. o7 Violet Flowergarden


violet flowergarden you were my childhood i just wanna say that you inspired a whole community, you will be always in our memories as a great friend to all of us! rest in peace! 🕊️🤍


Rest easy Violet Flowergarden, I watched you for 5+ years, Heaven has a great place for you and I hope you and Lola have met again, you motivated me to play Star Stable Online and you were my favorite person ever. My heart goes out to her family and i’m sorry for your loss.. 🕊️❤️


Rest in peace Violet Flowergarden. You and your videos were a big inspiration to my younger self and many others. I’ll miss you ♡

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  1. Violet, You will be remembered by millions of fans, Rip
    You were one of my favourite youtubers, I could not believe what I found out was your death, I cried for hours.. R.I.P

  2. Rest In peace Violet flowergarden. You are the one that made me start to play star stable.
    I hope this is a joke. I loved you and always will.🕊️❤️

  3. Rip! I love your videos it is a tragic that you died Ima watch all your videos again, you were a nice and funny person RIP

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