Villano Antillano: Who Is she? A Queer Puerto Rican Rapper Opens Up About His Transition

Villano Antillano, a Puerto Rican trans rapper, is in the spotlight following the release of her new music with Bizarrap. Here’s everything you need to know about the well-known trans rapper.

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Villano Antillano is likely to be remembered as one of the most influential Puerto Rican rappers and a pioneer of the gay movement in her homeland. Antillano is now working on a short film and her first album as an audio-visual artist, capturing the beauty and horror of growing up as a particular queer individual in the Caribbean.

Furthermore, Antillano rose to prominence after responding to a series of diss tracks by releasing their single Pato Hasta La Muerte in response to a series of trash recordings from excellent Latin Trap musicians and rappers. As previously said, she is a crucial figure in the Latin queer and trans artists advertising campaign, which aims to bring attention to LGBTQIA+ musicians often overlooked by the mainstream.

She recently worked with Argentine producer Bizarrap on a hard-hitting EDM-infused rap session, Session #51, in which Antillano aggressively spits. On June 8, the song was released and was well-received by many people. The video is also available on Bizarrap’s YouTube channel, which has already received over 1.5 million views.

Biography of Villano Antillano

Reinaldo Santiago Pacheco, a rapper originally from Bayamón, Puerto Rico, goes by the stage name Villano Antillano. Antillano is a queer non-binary rapper causing your favorite rapper to run for the bars. Her stage name is Las Antillas, meaning “The Antilles and the Caribbean.” Antillano was not formally educated in music despite growing up in a musically inclined family.

Villano Antillano has collaborated with Argentine producer Bizarrap on new tracks.

Furthermore, Antillano rose to prominence after releasing tiraera, a diss track directed at Anuel AA, after the singer made some anti-neighborhood suggestions on social media. People began to appreciate her singing, and she began to be rewarded. Not only that, but Antillano has also received praise for her rapping abilities from OG Reggaetoneros like Arcángel and ejo.

Villano Antillano Edad is a trans rapper (Age)

Villano Antillano’s edad (age) is 27 years. In 1995, she was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Every year on March 27, the trans rapper lights her birthday candle. When she found out, Antillano understood that without the support of her closest relatives and friends, she might not care as much about what others thought of her.

Antillano is a well-known trans hip-hop artist.

Furthermore, Antillano has not spoken much about her personal life since she appears to be keeping things secret. As a result of her demeanor, we cannot learn the names of her father and mother. Fans are also curious about her associate, but Antilano appears to remain single for the time being.

Villano Antillano has a six-figure net worth.

Villano Antillano, as everyone knows, is likely to become one of Puerto Rico’s most beloved rappers. She has a few hit songs under her belt that may or may not have paid her well. Based on all the information, we can estimate that Antillano is worth between $500,000 and $1 million on the internet.

Antillano is at a music concert.

The most important source of revenue for Antillano earn as a rapper, and she has also collaborated with some artists, which has significantly increased her earnings. So, it’s evident that Antillano lives a luxury life, which she flaunts on Instagram, where we may follow her as @villanoantillano.