Uma Exports IPO GMP Today, Company Details, Stock Price

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Uma Exports

Uma Exports Initial Public Offering (IPO) is an investment firm, and an official primary-board IPO that offers equity shares, with a worth 10 rupees and a market capitalization up to 60.00 crores. Equity shares of the offer are priced between 65-68 cents per share.

Uma Exports first publicly-traded offering GMP is scheduled for the 28th of March 2022. The business is expected to raise 60 crores via an IPO within a new offer of 50 crores. Uma Exports Limited specializes in commodities trading, agricultural products and marketing.

They also import goods from other countries and market huge quantities in India. The 2021 fiscal year of the company had revenues of 752 crores which is lower than the 810 crores it had in 2020. The price interval for this IPO is between the value of equity shares.

Uma Exports IPO GMP is available on the NSE and the BSE.”

Uma Exports IPO GMP

 The company plans to raise 60 crores via an initial public offer (IPO) which includes the issue of a new 60 crores and an offer up to – equity shares for ten dollars each. Here Retail has a quota of 35 percent, QIB has a 50 percent allotted quota, and NII has a quota of 15 percent.

The offer is not composed of new equity shares. However, the promoters mentioned in DRHP have already made an offer to sell (OFS) worth of 60 crores in equity shares. So, they aren’t searching for any pre-IPO offering in this particular issue.

Competitive Advantages

  • A strong presence in the trading of agricultural commodities industry.
  • Expert management team with years of experience and demonstrated experience in project management and implementation.
  • Client relationships that last a long time and regular business.

Uma Exports IPO GMP’s Business Approach:

Uma Exports is an important player in the agricultural commodities trade that allows the company to organize and change imports and exports of one commodity to the next due to fluctuations in demand for any product at any time of the year.

Uma Export’s management team constantly monitors trends in markets and the also demands for agricultural products and other commodities. The company then swiftly shifts towards the most popular agriculture product or commodities. This management strategy ensures that the business doesn’t unexperienced an unprofitable period throughout the year and ensures that our financial results are not affected by seasonal fluctuations also.

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Uma Exports IPO GMP Client Relationship

  • Uma Exports IPO GMP has a top-quality reputation and, despite the competition increment, a lot of its notable clients have returned to them for orders. Uma Exports Customers are from all across the country and worldwide and have been with us for quite a while.
  • Uma Exports always try to meet the requirements of their clients constantly. they will be able to develop long-term relations with them and increase their retention strategies.
  • Uma Exports believes that their current customer base provides them with an edge in attracting new customers and growth in their business.
  • Many of their clients have been with them for over ten years, showing an enduring and healthy relationship.

Uma Exports IPO GMP Review

If you’ve got a solid understanding of the company and the market, you will get that they are fantastic one and you can apply for the IPO GMP for Uma Exports with a long-term view.

Uma Exports and IPO’s Risk Factors
  • The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on these companies’ businesses is undetermined.
  • Uma Exports violates the rules that are part of the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999.
  • The Employees’ State Insurance Act did not license their company in 1948 until September 14, 2021.
  • Their company violates certain sections of the Companies Act, 2013 and certain adopted rules.
  • Certain Of Uma Exports’ corporate records, including those that pertain to changes to their share capital, are gone.
  • A significant part of their revenue is derived from a small number of customers.
  • A few Group Companies operate in similar or similar fields to their own.