UK Pensioner Diana Theodore Killed in St. Lucia Alongside her Dog: Know What Happened

A British pensioner Diana Theodore has been killed and her body was found at her home in the Caribbean. She was 72 years old. Her pet dog’s dead body was also found beside her. Read on to know what happened and who killed Diana Theodore and her dog.

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The gruesome incident was discovered on Saturday morning in Choiseul, St. Lucia when Theodore’s friend reported her missing. The police were summoned to the crime scene and found the dead body of the UK woman tied below her bed in a pool of blood.

Diana moved to St Lucia from the UK and has one daughter. She was a passionate activist for a local community.

Diana Theodore and Her Dog Murdered in St. Lucia

A UK woman named Diana Theodore and her dog has been murdered in St. Lucia. Her body was found under her bed at her home in Choiseul, St. Lucia on Saturday, August 6, 2022, alongside her dog’s corpse.

Theodore was found under her bed in a pool of blood hinting toward clear foul play. The police launched a murder investigation immediately. According to the neighbors, the police were called when Diana’s friend, who lives with her, reported her missing.

“He came to us and said he had not seen her, so we all went in search of her but did not find her,” said a neighbor from the community where Diana had been living for more than 30 years.

“We all went looking to try to find her as she is always at home. It is not like her not to be seen in this small village. She was friendly and has been living in Morne Sion for many years now,” the neighbor added.

After extensively searching the area and the intervention of the police, Diana was found tied below her bed in a pool of blood. A major laceration was found on her skull. Her dog was also found dead in the house.

Police Investigating the Death as Homicide

St. Lucia police have confirmed that they are treating the death of a woman at Choiseul as a homicide. The police statement identified the deceased as 72-year-old Diana Theodore.

“About 12:00 am today, August 6, 2022, officers attached to the Choiseul Police Station were summoned to a residence at Morne Sion, Choiseul, following the discovery of an unresponsive female therein,” the statement by police said.

The statement further said, “We received a call early this morning about a woman and her dog who were discovered deceased in her home, and we are investigating this as a matter of urgency.”

“Diana was an outspoken and passionate supporter of Saint Lucia’s natural and cultural heritage,” it added.

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According to the police, a medical professional pronounced her dead and found signs of foul play during the initial investigation.

Who was Diana Theodore?

Diana Theodore is a UK citizen who moved to St. Lucia. The neighbors described the 72-year-old as a community activist. The Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT), where Diana worked, has extended condolences to the family of the deceased.

“Diana was a passionate and vocal advocate for Saint Lucia’s natural and cultural heritage. She was a long-term member of the Trust who also served on Council and regularly contributed her ideas, concerns, and advice in areas of conservation and community interest,” the SLNT stated.

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The people who knew Diana also had high words of praise and wisdom for her. “She was a very nice person, every time you see her, she would be smiling, her teeth always out,” said a resident.

“She’s such a nice lady for her to have been treated that way. Everybody is just in shock and very sad because she is such a nice lady and did not deserve this at all. Things like that don’t occur in Choiseul,” said another resident.

Diana Theodore is survived by her daughter who is a university lecturer in the UK. She has been notified about her mother’s passing.

Who Killed Diana Theodore in St. Lucia?

The police are actively investigating the case and have been searching the crime scene for potential clues and pieces of evidence. A police spokesman in St Lucia said the following:

“The police are continuing with the investigation into the homicide which happened over the weekend. We are following all lines of inquiry and will leave no stones unturned. We will speak to everyone who knew the deceased and hopes to get to the bottom of this. No one will be excluded from our investigation. We are hoping to establish a motive for this murder and we will proceed from there.”

As of now, the police haven’t caught the suspect. We’ll keep you updated whenever an arrest happens.

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