Udaariyaan Written Episode 19th April 2022

Udaariyaan Written Episode 19th April 2022

Udaariyaan Written Episode 19th April 2022: Is Fateh really giving up

The episode starts with Fateh declaring that I don’t want to see Tejo, I’d like to get rid of her life i need to accept this. Gurpreet suggests that it might be best for you to forget Tejo. He breaks down in tears. 

Tejo is crying and prays for the strength to forget all and get on with the world. Rupy notices the kundali and holds it in his hands. 

He puts his hands on his chest. Satti asks if you are fine. He says I was able to recall that pandit’s words. Fateh was back with the man. 

Satti says that once Tejo and Angad marry, Fateh will leave. Rupy says I’m afraid, and I’m not sure why.

Tejo and Fateh are in a procession and remember their past. Fateh prays for strength to get away from Tejo. The prayer is for to be happy. 

She asks herself why my heart so uneasy. He prays for an opportunity to say goodbye to her for the final time. 

He walks on and sees Tejo right beside him. He breaks down crying and says I’d like to meet you before leaving, I do not know if we will have a chance to meet again. 

She stares at him. He is convinced that I’m getting away from you. She claims that I’ve witnessed your love and hate as well, I will rest in peace, and escape my life. Saath Na …..plays… she screams and runs away. 

On the other side Gurpreet says I’m satisfied with Fateh’s choice. Khushbeer claims we haven’t been able to figure out who made this decision. 

Gurpreet claims Tejo has lost everything. He claims that truth should be revealed, Tejo should know that Fateh isn’t able to be a good person, I have to punish the sloppy person who has insulted Tejo.

 He receives an Inspector’s message and leaves. Simran states that how will Fateh survive without Tejo as she is his entire life. 

Mahi claims that Tejo’s rasam’s could have begun. Tejo and Angad’s haldi rasm begins. Jasmin is convinced that Fateh isn’t responding to calls, and she’s wondering why.

Satti is at Tejo place. She demands that she have to tell her the truth. She asks if she is facing any problem. Tejo nods positively. 

Satti states that you’re about to start a new journey with Angad and Fateh. You can leave her good and bad ones here. Tejo states that no matter what Fateh did to me, I’m going to be angry at him. 

Fateh composes a letter to Tejo… It is my intention to believe you’ll hate me for the error I did not make, however, I’ve shared my emotions in this letter. I’ll always pray for your joy. He thinks of making the letter get to Tejo somehow. Tejo promises that I’ll keep the relationship with integrity and sincerity. 

Rupy is astonished and says that my burden has been reduced my lucky charm and you’ve always followed my orders as your obligation I’m afraid you’re sacrificing your happiness to make me happy I made this decision in order to see you be content then Satti and Rupy hug Tejo.

Tejo waits to complete the Chuda rasam. Jasmin attends an rasam where Satti tells her that since she’s sorry that your Mama and Mami were unable to attend, but they’ve left an offering of chuda and their blessings. 

Tejo remembers the words of Fateh. Jasmin talks with Amrik. She tells him we’ll discover a solution and invite him to talk with me. Satti calls her & She demands Jasmin to go for Tejo.

Fateh Calls Jasmin where Jasmin lied on the face by denying the original caller name. Jasmin responds to the phone. 

Fateh states that she would like to meet with you. Jasmin is curious about what has happened. Fateh Why aren’t you responding to my calls. Tejo is able to hear this and believes that Jasmin is conversing with Fateh. 

She leaves. Jasmin notices Angad and begins to lie. Angad indicates that I am watching you. She walks away. Simran is asking Khushbeer to take action, Fateh will die without Tejo. Khushbeer believes that Tejo’s decision is his but Fateh could alter it. Meanwhile Fateh appears Gurpreet asks where you’re going.

You didn’t consume any food, and you’re drinking some juice. He has his phone in the room. He remembers Tejo. Mahi requests Fateh to give it another chance. Fateh says that I’ve thought of it and its better to leave Moga for a couple of days. He picks up the phone and then leaves.

Mahi claims that we’re facing this situation due to Jasmin. Amrik calls Fateh’s number and leaves. Fateh responds to a phone called a person named Amrik. 

Fateh says it’s Me, Fateh. The man says it’s Amrik’s number. Fateh apologizes that he am a bit naive. Amrik messages Jasmin…. I love you very much I am sure you are changing but I will never stop loving you, I swear, I will not let anyone be an obstacle between us.

I’d like to spend time with you. I cherish you. He smiles. He leaves the phone on and heads to the bathroom. Fateh arrives and grabs his phone. He places Amrik’s phone on his desk and then leaves. 

Jasmin places her phone on charging. Tejo wonders what Jasmin is doing. Khushbeer tells me I’m shocked that Tejo is leaving us. 

Gurpreet tells me I’m still remembering the day Tejo came to us as our bahu and wowed our hearts. He always loved us and respected us.

 He claims that the elders do not understand the importance of family relations. She is planning to get married according to Rupy’s advice & I was unable to show my son was innocent. 

Biji insists that one should never never give up. Mahi says we should attempt to stop the union. Mahi says that they will not be able to agree. Gurpreet says we can do it.

Jasmin encounters Fateh. She asks you to come up with this. Fateh tells me I’m going to be away, I would like Tejo to be happy & gave fateh a letter to deliver it to Tejo following her wedding I’m not asking for a chance , but I am making my heart glow and making sure that I don’t cause her to lose respect, I would like her to start an exciting new life happily. 

Tejo is able to hear Jasmin and turns her attention to the outside. She can see Fateh along with Jasmin. She reminisces about their past.

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