Tyrone Darling Died in Lisa’s Chicken Shooting in Arlington, Texas: Know More

A man named Tyrone Darling died in a shooting that took place outside the Lisa’s Chicken restaurant in Arlington, Texas. Read on to know everything about the shooting where Tyrone Darling was shot and killed and a mother was charged.

A murder probe has been launched as the Texas police are carrying on the investigating procedures. The scary event has left the community shocked as people in the affected area are advised to stay at home unless required to go outside.

Tyrone Darling Shot Dead Outside Lisa’s Chicken in Arlington, TX

Tyrone Darling was shot and killed outside the Lisa’s Chicken Restaurant in Arlington, Texas, on Monday, December 12, 2022. At least four ambulances and ten police vehicles responded to the scene of the crime after several calls were made reporting the freak shooting.

It is reported that a man named Tyrone Darling was walking with a baby in a stroller outside the corner of the restaurant. He was approached by two females. One of them has been identified as the mother of Darling’s baby while the other’s identity is unknown at this time.

A confrontation broke between the three people involved and the mother of Darling’s baby opened fire on Darling. He shot Darling several times in the body and the two ladies then ran away. Darling was lying down in a pool of blood. He was later pronounced dead.

Who Shot and Killed Tyrone Darling Outside Lisa’s Chicken?

Tyrone Darling was shot dead by the mother of his baby. He was on his way to work this Monday alongside his baby and his girlfriend. The mother of his baby came to meet him along with another man and a woman. An argument broke and Tyrone was shot multiple times.

Medican personnel responded to the scene but Darling passed away before he could be rushed to the hospital. His body has been sent for autopsy while the police have launched an investigation for the murder.

Why was Tyrone Darling Killed?

Tyrone Darling was killed becaue of an altercation he fell into with the mother of his baby. The couple had previously broken up but the custody of their child was an issue between them. Tyrone met the mother of his child but she got angry because he was with his girlfriend.

The mother of his baby also came with another man. They shot and killed Tyrone and then took off in their car. It’s unknown if the murder was planned beforehand or if it just happened in the heat of the moment.

The police are currently investigating what happened and what conspired on the sad Monday morning. Anyone with any sort of information related to the case is urged to contact the Texas Police Department.

We’d like to extend our condolences towards the family of the deceased. May he get the justice he deserves. This is a developing story. We will keep you posted with further developments.