How Did Trevor Lee Hopkins Die? Know Everything About His Life, Cause Of Death And More

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the sudden death of Trevor Lee Hopkins, age 47, at his home in Iowa City. On March 17, 2023. His presence will be sorely missed and he will be forever remembered for his work as the patron saint of the Mission Creek Festival. Let’s take a look at who Trevor was and how he has impacted the festival. Keep reading more.

Who Was Trevor Lee Hopkins?

Trevor was born on July 22nd 1975 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He graduated from Washington High School and lived in Iowa City since then. He was a loving husband to Ashlee Hopkins who loved and appreciated him till his time of death. He was the son of William “Bill” C. and Bernetta “Bunny” Lee (Nehring) Hopkins – all three of them had moved to Iowa City when Trevor was still a young boy.

Trevor’s Impact on Mission Creek Festival

Trevor had always been an integral part of Mission Creek Festival, whether he was helping out in person or sending good vibes from hundreds of miles away. To honor him and his dedication to the festival, this year’s edition will feature special tributes throughout to celebrate Trevor’s life and legacy. The festival committee is also looking into establishing an annual scholarship award in his name so that future generations can benefit from his passion for music and culture just like he did during his own lifetime.

How Did Trevor Lee Hopkins die? What was the cause of his death?

In the early hours of a somber March 17, 2023, Iowa City faced a heartbreaking tragedy, as an unexpected heart attack claimed the life of Trevor Lee Hopkins at the age of 47. Trevor was a remarkable figure in the community, renowned for his unwavering passion for music, the culinary arts, and fostering strong community bonds. As the community waits for the revelation of the heart attack’s exact cause, the void left behind by Trevor’s untimely demise is felt deeply by all who knew him, as well as by the countless lives he touched through his dedicated work in fostering a harmonious and creative environment in Iowa City.

Legacy That Lives On

Though Trevor is no longer with us physically, his spirit continues to live on through those who knew him and those whose lives he touched throughout his life—including all of us here at Mission Creek Festival! We will never forget Trevor’s contributions or the impact he had on our community. We are deeply saddened by this loss but thankful for all that we were able to experience because of him over these past few years at our beloved festival.

Tributes Pour To Trevor Lee Hopkins death

Maycee Piles
Yesterday my sister lost her person. His parents lost their only son. The kids lost their Uncle Trevor. And we lost our brother…. Thank you Trevor Lee Hopkins for loving our sister with your entire heart. Thank you for showing her what true love feels like even if you guys didn’t get to have it for as long as you should have. You were family the day we met you and you were the kindest soul. You loved everybody and you did that until your last breath. So many people are heartbroken right now.. Rest In Peace brother, I know Grams couldn’t wait to give you the biggest hug and introduce our Mom to the man who loved her daughter SO so much.
My beautiful big sister, I will be here for you every step of the way like you have been for me my entire life. You never deserved to feel this pain. I love you so much Ashlee

Mike Carberry
I am still at a loss for the right words on the loss of Trevor Lee Hopkins. No bigger supporter of the Iowa City local music scene than Tre Hop. He wore many hats including sound man. Trevor was a real Sound Man and a Solid Friend to all that knew him. I hear that Rock and Roll Heaven sure has a hellava band. I couldn’t think of a better person to run sound. See you on the other side. Travel safely my friend.

Although we are feeling great sadness over the passing of our beloved patron saint, we are filled with gratitude for having known him and for being able to experience all that he contributed to our beloved Mission Creek Festival over the years. We miss you greatly, Trevor! May your memory live on forever! Thank you for everything you have done for us here at Mission Creek Festival! Rest easy, dear friend. You will never be forgotten!