Tragic Savannah Georgia Boating Accident Explained

Tragic Savannah Georgia Boating Accident Explained

Five People Died in Savannah Georgia Boating Accident

Five people were killed in Saturday’s boating accident on the Wilmington River near Savannah, Georgia. Four of them belonged to the Leffler family.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division identified the deceased as Christopher David Leffler (teacher and football coach), 51; Lori Lynn Leffler (50); Zachary James Leffler (23); Nathan Leffler (17); and Robert Steven Chauncey (37) who was on the opposite boat.

Two motorboats traveling in opposite directions collided and caused the accident. The accident resulted in nine people being on the two boats. Two of them were later confirmed dead at the scene. Three others were reported missing, but they were found and declared dead on Sunday.

Four other victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment. According to Sources affiliate WSAV , the Lefflers’ daughter, Katie, was among the survivors. To help Katie Leffler, a GoFundMe was set up.

Tragic Savannah Georgia Boating Accident Explained

Police are still investigating the exact cause of this crash. Mark Stegall, 45, was charged with boating while under the influence. It is not known how Stegall pleaded. The Coast Guard states that alcohol is a factor in almost 20% of all boating-related deaths.

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Roger Phillips, a witness to the accident and who uses the same marina where the Lefflers were rescued, he has a boat similar in size and experience as those involved in Saturday’s crash. He has also been boating on the same waters for many years and has never witnessed an accident quite like Saturday.

Another tragic incident occurred on the water in Seneca, Illinois this Memorial Day weekend. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, a 30-foot recreational boat with 17 people caught on fire near Spring Brook Marina. All the passengers made it safely to shore, though more than a dozen were taken to hospital for injuries. One passenger’s injuries were particularly serious.

A life jacket or personal flotation device can increase your chances of survival in case of an accident.