Toyosi Arrested: Why was Toyosi Arrested? Charges Explained

Toyosi Arrested: What was the reason for Toyosi’s arrest? Toyosi, a young girl, is currently making news after getting detained for falsely reporting a crime on Twitter.

Sure, you’ve heard that the girl falsely reported rape or kidnapping on social media. Following this, she was detained by the authorities and is currently being interrogated by officers.

The information has gone viral on social media, and a number of people have expressed their reactions to it. Several people have criticized the woman for her behavior. We’ll present all of the pertinent information about the lady’s arrest in this piece.

Toyosi Arrested

Toyosi Arrested

According to reports, a younger girl identified only as Toyosi was detained for falsely reporting rape or kidnapping on Twitter.

According to Najia Information, the news of her detention was confirmed by Deji Adesogan, a media personality, in a post on microblogging.

She sparked outrage and a barrage of responses on the hen app after claiming to have been raped and kidnapped in a post. She provided the reported wrongdoer’s cellphone information, and a number of other netizens reached out to see whether she was okay.

Why was Toyosi Arrested?

Toyosi is active on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @mysteriouss, and she has also stated that she claimed the offender committed the deed in the Lagos neighborhood of Akoka.

Some Lagos police henchmen swung into action and arrested the building’s residents at the address supplied by Toyosi.

She quickly turned to Twitter to announce that she was fine and that the warning had been a hoax.

The girl’s brother reacted to the news by accusing her of seeking attention with the bogus allegation because her Twitter followers had increased from 1000 to 3000.

After learning the full details of the incident, netizens chastised her and demanded that she be detained.

The Lagos State Police Command was summoned and the suspect was taken into custody. The woman is currently being held in police custody.

The girl’s identity has remained a mystery to the police. We’ll let you know as soon as additional information becomes available. Stay tuned for further information.