How Did Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Tonya Knight Die? Know Everything About Her Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

On january 7, 2023 marked a day of sadness throughout the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Tonya Knight, the internationally acclaimed professional female bodybuilder, passed away at the age of 56 after a long and hard-fought career.

She had three brothers named Timothy, Todd and Travis, and several step and in-law siblings, as well as a son named Malachi. Tonya is remembered for her work in the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding League, for which she set multiple records and saw numerous top 5 finishes over her astonishing thirteen year run. Keep reading for more.

Who was Tonya Knight?

Tonya was born in March 24, 1966, Tonya’s career in bodybuilding started in the 1980s when she won her first competition, the 1985 Ms. Teenage America. From there, she went on to have an incredibly successful career, winning numerous competitions and becoming one of the most recognizable names in the sport. However, her career was not without its controversy. In 1988, IFBB officials presented strong evidence against Tonya that she got someone other than herself to supply test-passing urine, she admitted that she sent a surrogate to take a mandatory drug test administered before the 1988 Ms. Olympia, where she finished fourth.

Bodybuilding Contest history

  • 1984 NPC USA Championship – 11th (LHW)
  • 1985 NPC USA Championship – 6th (HW)
  • 1986 NPC USA Championship – 4th (HW)
  • 1988 Pro World Championship – 5th
  • 1988 IFBB Ms. Olympia – 4th (later disqualified)
  • 1989 Ms. International – 1st (later disqualified)
  • 1991 IFBB Grand Prix Italy – 1st
  • 1991 Ms. International – 1st
  • 1992 Ms. International – 6th
  • 1993 Jan Tana Classic – 3rd

Despite this controversy, Tonya continued to be a force in the world of bodybuilding until her retirement in 1995. After her retirement, she opened up a fitness center called “Tonya’s Training Place” which quickly became one of the most popular fitness centers in Kansas City. Tonya was also an avid philanthropist and was always willing to help out those in need.

How did Tonya Knight die? What was the cause of her death?

The world of bodybuilding lost a legend. Tonya Knight, an American professional female bodybuilder and former IFBB Pro passed away after battling with cancer. Tonya had inspired many to live a healthy lifestyle through her inspirational physique. Although her death was tragic, she left behind a legacy with performances that shattered industry records. What was most remarkable about Tonya’s career is that it was cut short due to her battle with cancer which caused her death. Despite this setback, she remained devoted to the sport and inspired others through her strength and persistence in the ring until her very last days. She will be remembered as one of history’s greatest bodybuilders and an inspiration to all who strive for greatness and persevere in spite of life’s setbacks.

Tonya Knight Obituary

Tonya Knight was an incredible woman who accomplished so much in her 56 years on this earth. She will be remembered as a bodybuilding legend and for her philanthropic work. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this difficult time.

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