The Kashmir Files Reviews, Cast, IMDB rating, OTT Release Date

There’s never been a time when people were more enthusiastic for Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s “The Kashmir Files’ than right now. The exodus-themed drama has earned the top spot on the IMDB’s most sought-after Indian films and shows and has racked up 37.3 percent of all views, despite being only two days ahead of the release date. Check out the article for more information about The Kashmir Files film.

The Kashmir Files Day wise collection

Day 1 Collection3.5 Crore
Day 2 Collection8.50 Crore
Day 3 Collection15.10 Crore
Day 4 Collection15.05 Crore
Day 5 Collection18 Crore
Day 6 Collection19.05 Crore
Day 7 Collection19.5 Crore
Day 8 CollectionUpdating Soon

The Kashmir Files

in 2022, the Indian drama film in Hindi named The Kashmir Files will be released. However the film’s release is delayed because of an order from a court. Zee Studios is the producer of the film. It was composed and directed by Vivek Agnihotri. Agnihotri claims that it is a representation of the departure of Kashmiri Pandits away from their home in the aftermath of the conflict. A number of actors such as Anupam Kher Darshan Kumar Mithun Chakraborty and Agnihotri’s wife, Pallavi Joshi, appear in the film.

Release Date11 March 2022
CastMithun Chakraborty, Anupam Kher
DirectorVivek Agnihotri
CinematographyUdaysingh Mohite
ProductionAbhishek Agarwal Arts

In spite of a special screening in March 4th, 2022 the film’s distribution was stopped with a permanent prohibition order following a ruling in favor of a complaint that was filed by the wife of a commander of a squadron from the Indian Armed Forces. The judge ruled that the film had erroneous content , and that portions that featured the plaintiff’s spouse had to be removed or modified.

The original plan was for the film to release the film globally on the 26th of January in 2022, that would be the day India celebrates its Republic Day. The new release date was delayed due to the spreading that has been caused by the Omicron variant. The film will be released on March 11, 2022.

Day 4 of the Kashmir Files: Hindi (2D) Occupancy In Major Cities?


The Kashmir Files Reviews

With the film moving ahead of the big-ticket movies made by in the Bollywood and South cinema industry like ‘Radhe Shiam”, “Bachchhan Paandey,” “RRR,” and “KGF2,” among others, “The Kashmir Files” has managed to take the top spot that is surely an impressive achievement.

In a recent screening the film that was held at New Delhi, the producers of the highly-anticipated film were in for a spectacular surprise.

The Kashmir Files Cast

Based on interviews on video with members of the first generation from Kashmiri Pandits. Kashmiri Pandit community who were victims of the Kashmir genocide The book ‘The Kashmir Files’ is the story of an actual narrative. The book asks crucial questions regarding religion, democracy as well as politics and the human condition by looking at the pain as well as the suffering and trauma that are experienced through the eyes of Kashmiri pandits.

Mithun ChakrabortyBrahma Dutt IAS
Anupam KherPushkar Nath Pandit
Amaan IqbalKaran Pandit
Atul SrivastavaVishnu Ram
Mrinal KulkarniLaxmi Dutt
Sourav VermaAfzal
Bhasha SumbliSharda Pandit
Puneet IssarDGP Hari Narain
Prakash Belawadi asDr. Mahesh Kumar

Mithun Chakraborty as well as Anupam Kher are featured in the drama exodus, which was written by and directed by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri who is also its executive producer and director. Darshan Kumaar Pallavi Joshi and Chinmay Mandlekar play characters on the screenplay.

The Kashmir Files IMDB Rating

With a whopping 8.3, it’s received over 2 million views. In the 94% who rated it, 94% of the people gave it a rating of 10 44% of people were able to give it a one rating. The following is a note that according to IMDB “IMDb provides weighted vote data instead of pure data” it said on its website. Since we evaluate the votes of all users and not all votes have the same effect (or “weight”) upon the way we assess an item. If there’s a large amount of voting that is unusual voting patterns, we might employ a different calculation of weight to protect our system. We won’t reveal how we arrived at the number of votes to keep our system of rating functioning.

The Kashmir Files OTT Release Date 2022

It is as one of the most realistic films produced in Bollywood due to its depiction of the resentment of Kashmir Muslims against Kashmir Pandits. The film is set to release on March 11 2022. Because Zee Studios produce the picture the satellite rights belong exclusively to Zee Studios, and we could conclude that Zee5 also has the OTT rights and the film is scheduled to release on Zee5 in the near future.

The Kashmir Files is the most controversial documentary of 2014 as it tackles the horrifying reality that you’ll encounter in the theater while watching the film. & Zee5 has not announced the date of release; however, after it’s a theatrical debut, the studio may make an announcement about its OTT release date. We will let you know when we have the official confirmation.

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