Tarek Zahed Shot and His Brother Omar Killed in Sydney Shooting; Find out the Cause of Death

Yesterday, Comanchero bikie boss Tarek Zahed, 41, and his brother Omar, 39, were gunned down after coming out of the gym in Sydney. Omar succumbed to his injuries and is no more while Tarek Zahed is currently struggling in the hospital for his life.

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The initial reports suggest it was a gang-related shooting and have pushed the authorities to establish a police strike force. The two brothers had been working out at the Bodyfit Fitness Centre on  Parramatta Road on Tuesday night before multiple shots were fired in their direction by unidentified men.

Police have also revealed that they had warned the two brothers to leave NSW temporarily for their own safety after their involvement in previous gang conflicts. However, they didn’t consider the warning and continued to stay there.

After the shooting, a huge outcry has started on social media platforms where people are calling for strict actions against gang-related crimes in Sydney. Some people have started saying that “Sydney is becoming the next Auckland.”

Amidst all, people have started enquiring about who was Tarek Zahed, and Omar Zahed, and what was the cause of their death. We’ll explain that here.

Who was Tarek Zahed?

Tarek Zahed was the 41-year old National Segeant-at-arms of the Comanchero Bikie group. He was born and brought up in Lebanon, and then later shifted to Australia. He has been involved with the gang since his teenage and has been in news multiple times for infamous reasons.

One time, he delayed the Final of the Australia Men’s Open as he and his men arrived at the stadium late while the crowd booed as Rafael Nadal had to wait for them to settle down.

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Tarek Zahed’s life has been in danger for over a year as the Police had already warned him that there was over a $1 million bounty on his life. Thus, he was granted a travel exemption to flee NSW lockdown to travel to Turkey last September.

However, the Bikie Boss returned to Australia and continued his lavish lifestyle in  Melbourne and Sydney. Tuesday night, Tarek and his brother Omar were coming out of the gym as multiple gunmen opened fire on the duo.

The brothers received multiple shots and were treated by the NSW Ambulance paramedics at the scene. Omar Zahed, Tarek Zahed’s brother, was declared dead by the Police soon after reaching the nearest medical facility.

Is Tarek Zahed dead and What was the cause of his death?

At the time of writing, the Comanchero Bikie Boss Tarek Zahed is not dead, and currently struggling for his life at a Sydney Hospital. He had received more than 10 shots to his body, including his head, and is currently in a very critical condition.

He was taken to the Westmead Hospital where he underwent surgery this morning. After the operation, his condition is a bit stable. However, he still isn’t out of danger, and people are expecting the unfortunate news.

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If he dies, the cause of his death will be the bullet injuries to his head and body. His brother succumbed to the same injuries after the shooting.

How did Omar Zahed, Tarek Zahed’s Brother, Die?

Omar Zahed was with Tarek Zahed at the time of the shooting outside the Sydney Gym. He had received multiple gunshot wounds to his stomach, arms, and legs. He had also lost too much blood. Upon reaching the Westmead Hospital, the doctors declared him dead.

He was 39-years old and very close to Tarek Zahed. The NSW Ambulance that treated him said in a statement, “He was in cardiac arrest and sadly could not be saved.”

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Tarek Zahed currently doesn’t know about the passing of his brother. He hasn’t retained his consciousness yet. He is currently in a very critical condition.

The Police Have Linked Sydney Shooting to Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad’s Murder

The latest Sydney Shooting where Omar Zahed died and Tarek Zahed is left critical took place on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, around 8 PM. Police have launched an investigation into the shooting with the assistance of police attached to the State Crime Command’s Raptor and Criminal Groups Squads.

The shooting took place only two weeks after the Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad, the gangland figure, was slain on a Greenacre street. This had already prompted the authorities that criminal gang members will be harassed in an attempt to find the killer.

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Police have also found two Audi Q7s on fire in the nearby suburbs of Beral and Greenacre a short time after the attack. This had led to them establishing multiple crime scenes.

Paul Toole, the deputy premier, has said termed the incident as “shocking” and “disturbing.” He also stated that the government is committed to eliminating the city’s criminal underbelly. In the last two years, Sydney’s gangland violence has killed more than 11 people just in the southwest region.

The latest shooting has caused a major outcry on news and social media platforms. The citizens are calling for strict actions against the people involved. What’s your take on this? Use the comment box to share your thoughts.