TikTok Star and Influencer Tanya Pardazi Dies in a Skydiving Accident at 21: Learn What Happened

Tanya Pardazi, famed TikTok star with over 95k followers on the platform and influencer, died in a tragic skydiving accident when she jumped alone for the first time ever. Read on to know how did Tanya Pardazi die in the skydiving accident and why the parachute didn’t open

It was Tanya’s first solo skydiving course when the unfortunate accident occurred. She is remembered as the person who lived “every second to the fullest” by her friends while her fans are mourning the untimely loss of the young girl.

How did Tanya Pardazi die in the Skydiving Accident?

TikTok celebrity Tanya Pardazi met an unfortunate skydiving accident when she was on her first solo course on Saturday, August 27, 2022, in Ontario, Canada. As per Skydive Toronto’s statement, Tanya’s main parachute malfunctioned after she jumped from over 4,000 feet and didn’t open.

She was taught to open a secondary alternative parachute in such a case. However, she opened it at an altitude that was too low that it didn’t allow for the reserve parachute to inflate. Hence, Tanya suffered fatal injuries.

She was rushed to the nearest medical facility where she was pronounced dead as she succumbed to the injuries sustained in the skydiving accident.

“A skydiving student aged 21 succumbed to fatal injuries obtained by an emergency situation.” Skydive Toronto confirmed her death via a statement.

Who was Tanya Pardazi?

Tanya Pardazi was a widely popular TikTok creator, influencer, and model from Canada. She currently has around 95k followers and 2 million likes on TikTok. The 21-year-old girl was also a student of philosophy at the University of Toronto, Scarborough.

Tanya was an integral part of her college’s cheerleading team, UTSC Cheer. In 2017, Tanya competed in the Miss Canada beauty pageant and was among the semi-finalists of the event. She was highly interested in psychology and was into sky diving.

Tanya posted her last video on TikTok on August 22, 2022, where she talked about her uncontrollable urge to solve a puzzle that she had been working on for a couple of days. She also mentioned going skydiving just at the start of the video.

Tanya Pardazi is not among us anymore. She passed away in the tragic skydiving accident that took place last Friday. The young girl has left for her heavenly abode.

Fans and Friends mourn Tanya Pardazi’s loss

Ever since the news of Tanya Pardazi’s death emerged on social media platforms, her fans and friends have been paying tribute to the deceased TikTok star who was “full of life.”

“She really lived every second to the fullest,” said Tanya’s friend Melody Ozgoli to a Canadian news agency. “This is the biggest shock to us. It’s very hard to process. It’s been a couple of days, but we still don’t even believe it,” she added.

“Rest in Peace my friend,” one fan wrote. “I’m sorry you were taken from us so soon. I hope the afterlife is all that you imagined and more, until we meet again.”

“I literally cannot believe she’s gone. I’ve never met her but she’s a huge inspiration for me,” another fan wrote.

“I’m heartbroken because we never got to go on our Bali trip together like we always talked about, but also at an eerie ease knowing that you finally got your answer as to what an afterlife looks like,” wrote her friend, Kimia Sepanlou, in an Instagram post. “You were one in a million and went out like a one in a million would…. Wait for me on the other side.”

The cheerleading group of her university also paid tribute to the late star. They shared a photo of Tanya where she can be seen posing in front of the Eiffel tower. “Forever part of our team and in our hearts, Tanya Pardazi was one in a million,” reads the caption.

Tanya Pardazi’s funeral service was held in Richmond Hill on Friday. She will be forever remembered as a young woman who covered “a lot of her bucket list.” May God let her rest in peace.