Malaysian Actress Syazlin Zainal Dies at 26 After a Fall: Learn What Happened

Young Malaysian actress, model, and social media influencer, Syazlin Zainal, passed away at the very young of 26. Read on to learn how did Syazlin Zainal die, what happened to her, and what was the cause of her death.

Zainal was best known for her role in the play “Oh My Hantaran.” She was also highly popular on Instagram but her account will be shut following her untimely death.

Who was Syazlin Zainal?

Syazlin Suhaizan Binti Zainal was a Malaysian actress and dancer. She was born on November 13, 1996, in Kuantan, Malaysia. She was a very popular Instagram figure who represented UiTM for SUKIP (SUKAN MEMANAH).

Zainal had also enrolled in a Physical Industry course at UiTM Shah Alam. She was loved by everyone who knew her due to her likable presence.

Talking about her acting career, Syazlin Zainal had appeared in a number of local dramas including Sitik Tok, Dia Yang Ku Jadikan Suami, etc. The highlight of her career was Oh My Hantaran.

How did Syazlin Zainal die?

Actress Syazlin Zainal died on Thursday, November 10, 2022, in a very tragic manner. She was about to turn 26 a couple of days after her death. Zainal died after falling from the 22nd floor of a condominium building in Taman Iskandar, Johor Bahru.

Her death was initially reported by her friend Zeatyalia via social media. It was later confirmed by the Malaysian Police as they released an official statement.

An investigation is going on following the tragic incident. We will keep sharing updates here when the police reveal more details.

Syazlin Zainal dead at 26: What was her cause of death?

Rumors about Syazlin Zainal’s death emerged earlier than the official report came but fans were reluctant to believe it. However, her death was later confirmed by a friend. Fans and friends were shocked at the actress’ passing at such a young age.

Later, it was revealed that Zainal died this past Thursday after falling off the 22nd floor of a building. However, it’s still not known how the actress fell from such a high place. The police believe there was no foul play involved.

Still, the investigation continues and more details will be shared later.

Syazlin Zainal Funeral Arrangements & Tributes

The funeral arrangements for Syazlin Zainal are pending at this time due to the ongoing investigation into her death. The burial will take place as soon as the officials hand over the body to her family.

Tributes have emerged for the late influencer who was loved by many across the globe. She was a very popular face in Malaysia and her beauty, as well as skills, have gained her a wide following.

Our deepest condolences go out to her family in these tough times. May God let the departed soul rest easy.