How Did Stella Paterson Die? Know Everything About Her Cause Of Death, Obituary and More

It is with great sadness that the Lawrenceville School community mourns the death of Stella Paterson. She was born in Janow Lublin, Poland, Stella spent her childhood in Manitoba, Canada with her brother Chester and sister Jean. Even though she faced difficult times as a young girl, Stella remained positive and inspired those around her with her resilience and bravery. Keep reading more.

Who was Stella Paterson?

Born on June 13th 1925 in Janow Lublin of Poland, Stella faced a challenging early life. The region was dealing with immense war damage, a broken economy, and corruption. Despite these difficulties, Stella moved to the Canadian province of Manitoba when she was seven years old with her brother Chester and sister Jean. Her father worked for a paper factory to support his family while her mother stayed at home to raise them all.

Stella’s Paterson Education

Between 1935 and 1941, Stella attended school at the Winnipeg General Hospital before transferring to Issac Newton High School from 1942-1945 where she graduated as valedictorian of her class. Stella then enrolled at the University of Manitoba where she earned degrees in both home economics and education before attending McGill University for graduate school where she obtained a Master’s degree in nutrition education. In 1952, she was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Laws. In addition to being an excellent student academically, Stella also excelled athletically; competing in track & field events such as long jump and high jump as well as swimming competitions during her time in Winnipeg.

Stella’s Paterson Career

After graduating from McGill University with her Master’s degree in nutrition education in 1953, Stella began teaching home economics classes at Lawrenceville School – something that would become a lifelong career for the passionate educator. During this time she also worked as a consultant for the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization where she helped develop nutrition programs throughout Latin America – helping countless people improve their quality of life through better nutrition education practices over many years until finally retiring from teaching at Lawrenceville School during the late 1980’s/early 1990’s after more than three decades of service.

How did Stella Paterson die? What was cause of her death?

Stella Paterson of NYC, a student of the Lawrenceville School, tragically passed away recently. The cause of death remains unknown as her family has not released any statement on the matter thus far. What’s known is that her passing has had a great impact on the whole school community who are predominantly in shock and dismayed at the news. Many have taken to mourning this loss publicly, with friends posting touching memories of good times shared online in her honor. Regardless of what caused Stella Paterson’s sudden demise, she will live on through the heartfelt tributes that people close to her continue to put out into the world.

Stella Paterson Obituary

The Lawrenceville community lost an incredible woman when we lost Stella Paterson but it is important to remember all that she has done for us throughout her lifetime; from standing up against adversity during difficult times early on in life to becoming an inspiration through everything that followed – including both educational success and professional achievements throughout her lifetime right up until retirement – we can be sure that the memory of this amazing woman will live on forever within our hearts here at Lawrenceville School! We are grateful for having had such an amazing individual grace our halls over so many years and will miss her dearly! May we all strive to emulate some portion of what made this incredible woman so special! Rest easy Mrs Paterson- you will be remembered always!