“SNL” Alum Chris Redd Reportedly in a Relationship with Kenan Thompson’s Ex Christina Evangeline

Rumors are surfacing about Saturday Night Live star Chirs Redd’s alleged romance with Kenan Thompson’s ex-wife Christina Evangeline. TMZ is reporting that Chris Redd and Christina Evangeline are in a relationship. Here’s everything you need to know about the affair.

Only a few months have passed since Kenan Thompson filed for divorce from Christina Evangeline. Now the latter has reportedly begun dating the former’s co-host. However, there are no reports of overlapping or cheating till now.

Chris Redd and Christina Evangeline Reportedly Begun Dating Last Year

Chris Redd and Christina Evangeline are allegedly dating and in a relationship for the past year as per TMZ’s latest report. TMZ claims Redd and Evangeline “became official within the past year, and there was no overlap or cheating when it happened.”

You may get confused that Kenan Thompson only filed for divorce this year from his wife of 11 years, Christina Evangeline. However, there are no overlaps or cheating issues as Christina and Kenan have been living separated for a few years.

Thompson and Evangeline married in 2011 and share two daughters together, three-year-old Gianna and seven-year-old Georgia. The couple separated in 2019 and Thompson filed for divorce in May 2022.

It’s worth pointing out that Redd and Thompson don’t hold any grudges against each other as per the available information.

“We’re told Kenan’s aware of his ex’s romance with Chris and has no hard feelings – he’s apparently moved on and is happily dating other people,” reports TMZ.

Chris Redd Spotted with Christina Evangeline Amidst SNL Exit News

Kenan and Chris appeared together on Saturday Night Live until the latter recently announced his exit from the long-running comedy show. Rumors emerged that Kenan got Chris fired but have been debunked now. The two stars don’t have bad blood between them.

Chris is leaving the show as he has several projects lined up including an Audible collaboration with SNL’s Lorne Michaels. He confirmed last week that he would not be returning for season 48 of the long-running NBC sketch show.

After that, he was spotted in public with his new love partner Christina in New York City. However, the two have refrained from sharing a word about their romance.

“Being a part of SNL has been the experience of a lifetime,” said Chris in a statement about his exit from SNL.

“Five years ago, I walked into 30 Rock knowing that this was an amazing opportunity for growth. Now, with friends who have become family and memories I will cherish forever, I’m grateful to Lorne Michaels and to the entire SNL organization. From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you all enough,” he added.

Reportedly, Chris and Christina have known each other for the last six years but their romance has brewed just recently.

Everything to Know About Chris Redd and Christina Evangeline

Chris Redd was born on March 25, 1985, and he is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. He was raised in Aurora, Illinois, and studied sketch comedy and improvisation at The Second City Training Center in Chicago.

He started his acting career in 2015 with an episode of the Chicago P.D. Since, he has been featured in a number of series including Empire, Lonely and Horny, The Disappearing Girl, Above Average Presents, Fat Camp, Will & Grace, Deep Murder, etc.

On the other side, Christina Evangeline is a Canadian-American actress and wellness advisor. She had also worked as an Interior Designer at the beginning of her career. She started working as a model after marrying Thompson.

Evangeline appeared in the short film “Mini Supreme” in 2015. She is also a popular figure on Instagram with more than 22.8K followers.

Netizens Discussing Chris Redd and Christina Evangeline’s Relationship

Netizens are discussing the hot romance between Redd and Evangeline now. They are currently trending on Twitter. Social media users are also sharing memes about the affair.

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