How Did Simon Dunn Die? Know Everything About His Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

On January 21, 2023, the world lost an incredible trailblazer and source of inspiration. Simon Dunn was born in Wollongong, Australia and was the first openly gay male to represent any country in the sport of bobsledding. He not only made a name for himself in sports but also became an advocate for social causes that are important to him, notably those affecting the LGBTQI community, homophobia in sport, and HIV/AIDS. Keep reading to get more information about him.

Who was Simon Dunn?

Simon Dunn was an Australian bobsledder and rugby player who was born on July 27, 1987. Born and raised in Wollongong, Australia. Simon began his career in rugby before moving on to bobsledding. He took part in several international competitions, including the 2013 North American Cup as part of Team Australia. Dunn began to focus on social causes close to his heart after his initial retirement from the Australian Bobsleigh team, such as homophobia in sport and HIV/AIDS awareness.

His Advocacy Work

Dunn attracted a strong social media following due to his advocacy work and soon became noticed by BuzzFeed which featured him in their online magazine. Dunn even appeared in Attitude magazine’s Naked Issue which dedicated its entire issue towards promoting acceptance for LGBTQI people within different communities around the world. In July 2015, he created a YouTube channel where he discussed topics related to sportsmanship, sexuality, HIV/AIDS awareness and bigotry within sports. His inspiring words have touched many hearts across the globe with many fans lauding him for being an amazing role model both on and off-screen.

How did Simon Dunn die? What was his cause of death?

Simon Dunn was a revered bobsleigh player and advocate for freedom. What was supposed to be a weekend of celebrating his career accomplishments quickly became one filled with shock, as news broke that he was found dead in Surry Hills, Sydney on Saturday. His agent and the police immediately confirmed his death, unfortunately leaving the cause of death still to be revealed. Despite this sadness, we have Simon’s legacy to commemorate and hold close: he showed us the strength of conviction when it comes to championing what you believe in. He also displayed courage by being an outspoken adversary of homophobia in sport.

Simon Dunn Obituary

Dunn’s spirit lives on today through all those who remember him fondly and strive to carry forward his legacy of creating change through education and advocacy work. His passion for making a difference will always be remembered by those who knew him personally or were touched by his inspiring words online. We are truly thankful for everything he has done and will continue working hard towards fostering acceptance within different communities around the world just like he did during his lifetime. Rest In Peace Simon! You will be sorely missed!

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