Is Shirley Allen Dead or Alive? Murder Details Explained

Is Shirley Allen Dead or Alive? An Explanation of the Murder’s Particulars The news that Shirley Elizabeth Allen has passed away has recently been making headlines. This is because people are curious as to whether or if the AllenĀ is still alive, as you will find out below about Shirley Elizabeth Allen. Shirley Elizabeth Lloyd, the wife of Allen Lloyd, was found to have a secret past when the police were investigating the family’s life and history. They came to the conclusion that the mystery case was solved in a re-postmortem report after digging the victim’s body out again as police investigated the family’s life and past, and came to the conclusion, police suspected the victim’s husband was poisoned by his wife betraying his diehard trust claiming the insurance money he will get after death.

Shirley Allen

Is Shirley Allen still alive or has she passed away?

The investigation into her past led the police to her daughters, Norma and Paula, as well as five of her former husbands, four of whom divorced her and one of whom changed the nominee for his insurance policy from Shirly to someone else shortly before his death while he was still married to Shirly. These revelations are absolutely mind-blowing. also passed away unintentionally, and she was in the process of receiving $25,000 from his insurance policy. After they divorced each other, one of her exes accused her of poisoning him and causing him to become ill.

Her daughters Norma and Paula stated who was there when she added poisons to Lloyd’s beer and he was observed drinking that as well. This is something that she frequently does to his food and beverages after they got married in March of 1982. Her daughters also indicated who was present at the time. Norma and Paula told the police that their mother beat them and that they are afraid of her, which is why they did not come forward with the incident earlier. Shirley Elizabeth Allen passed away on April 2, 1998, while she was imprisoned, having already served 14 years of the 50-year jail sentence she was given for being found guilty of murder and other conspiracy crimes.

Allen Lloyd was born in his hometown of Campbell, Missouri, on August 23, 1942. He worked for the Air Force and planned to move to St. Peters, Missouri after he retired.

During the month of September in the year 1981, Allen Lloyd wed Shirley Elizabeth. Records show that Shirley Elizabeth, who is married to Allen Lloyd, was previously married five times before marrying him. Allen Lloyd had a deep trust in his wife, Shirley Elizabeth, and loved her very much. He also loved and cared for the stepsons from her previous marriage, as their relatives attested. However, Allen Lloyd’s deep trust was betrayed by his wife, and shortly after their marriage, he began to struggle with his health. He was found dead in his home on November 1, 1982, with no history of any health problems.

When the police in St. Peters, Missouri, arrived at his home to investigate, they discovered his body, which had been dead for some time and was determined to be cool; it is believed that he died of natural causes. Shirley Elizabeth quickly arranged for his burial, but after some suspicion about his wife’s body, which resurfaced from the grave and tested toxicologically positive for a poison named ethylene glycol, she was claiming his $25,000 insurance money of Lloyd and showed it to his office asking for signing the documents recently after Lloyd passed away. Shirley Elizabeth did this shortly after Lloyd’s passing.