Is Shayla Frank Dead or Alive? Truth About Jason David Frank’s Daughter’s Death

The Green Ranger, Jason David Frank’s death by suicide left everyone shocked and sad but it also brought attention to his daughter, Shayla Frank, and her death last year. Read on to know if Shayla Frank is dead or alive, how did she die, and what was the cause of her death.

Jason David Frank passed away this past Sunday. As per the reports, he was found hanging to death in his room. Initially, it was just a rumor on social media platforms but was later confirmed by the people close to JDF.

Who was Shayla Frank?

Shayla Frank was the daughter of popular American actor Jason David Frank, who played the Green Ranger in the Power Rangers Franchise. In fact, she was the stepdaughter of JDF but was really close to her stepfather.

Shayla was also a great sensei as revealed by her friend. Jason David Frank was a skilled martial artist trained in a number of art forms. His daughter Shayla grew up watching his father and started training alongside him.

The father and daughter duo were skilled combat artists. Unfortunately, their story had a tragic ending.

Is Shayla Frank dead or alive?

Shayla Frank is dead. She passed away on November 19, 2021. As per the available reports, she took her own life. A year has just completed since her death anniversary this past Saturday. Fans were concerned about the death of Jason David Frank’s daughter, Shayla Frank.

If you came here looking to confirm if Shayla Frank is dead or alive, then there’s sad news for you. Shayla Frank is dead and a year has passed since her death.

Why did Shayla Frank commit suicide?

It’s unknown why Shayla Frank committed suicide. She was a really good and friendly person. Her sudden death left everyone shocked and depressed including his stepfather, Jason David Frank.

There are some theories that Shayla Frank’s suicide was partially a result of the ongoing tension between her parents, Jason David Frank and Shawna Frank. However, nothing is confirmed at this time as we don’t have a credible source confirming it.

Netizens also believe that Shayla Frank’s death by suicide put the final nail in the coffin of Jason David and Tammy Frank’s relationship. Consequently, their divorce was going through.

Did Jason David Frank commit suicide for Shayla Frank?

Many people that Jason David Frank committed suicide due to severe depression which came from his daughter, Shayla Frank’s death, last year. He was also going through a terrible divorce as his wife had blamed him for adultery and infidelity.

As per the court’s documents, there was a 57-year-old teacher named Muay Thai involved in the couple’s worsening relationship. This impacted Jason David Frank’s mental health directly which was already worse following Shayla Frank’s death last year.

It’s actually possible that Jason David Frank committed suicide due to the pain of his daughter’s death as Shayla Frank committed suicide last year. We don’t know the whole story yet. We don’t even know if it’ll be ever made public or not.

Our deepest condolences go out to their loved ones. May the father-daughter duo rest in peace at a better place.