Severance Waffle Party and Masks, Explained

“Severance” is a blend of a corporate thriller as well as a psychological drama, which concentrates specifically on Lumon Industries’ employees. The office of the company is the scene of a shocking plot that is unfolding slowly before our cameras. While employees attempt to determine the real nature of their work and the process of severance the viewers get to know more about Lumon and its ethical standards.

In the 8th episode of the debut season, the fan-favorite character Dylan is presented with an award of a waffle for his work during the quarter. But, as the viewers should know, the party includes more than simply being a meal for a treat. If you’re looking for some explanations regarding the show’s confusing Waffle Party scene, here is what you need to be aware of! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Is the Significance of the Waffle Party? Who Are the People in Masks?

The 8th episode of ‘Severance is appropriately called “What’s for Dinner? The MDR team meets its quarterly allotted quota. Dylan is deemed the Refiner of the Quarter, and according to the tradition, receives the opportunity to host a party with waffles. Dylan first discusses the waffle celebration in the first episode of the series and is very thrilled about the event. Dylan believes it is one of the greatest rewards an employee gets from Lumon for their efforts. At first look, a waffle event is a satirical approach to the world of business which is where employees are often given small rewards for their efforts.

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In Episode 8, viewers are given an insight into the waffle buffet that turns out to be something completely unplanned. While Dylan gets a serving of waffles, the feast is followed by an intense sexual event. It is a spectacle that sees Dylan wear the appearance of Lumon’s founder Kier Egan. Dylan also witnesses an intimate performance by four mask-wearing people. The three performers appear to be women, while the other is male. The costumes of the four actors are inspired by the four tempers of Kier’s novels mentioned in episode 3: Woe, Frolic, Dread, and Malice. The scene suggests that Dylan is at liberty to engage in an intimate relationship with these individuals. But, he renounces this sequence to cause an Overtime Contingency.

Dan Erickson, the show’s creator, talked about the Waffle Party scene in an interview with Variety. He added that the scene depicts the commercialisation of sex and intimacy in a setting where such parts of human existence are not permitted. He further claimed that the scene’s sexual aspect signifies the taming of the four tempers and that Lumon justifies it because of its significance to its founder and ideology. “So I just felt that was an odd, unusual, unsettling question that we should investigate.” On this sliced floor, what would sex look like? And this is the best we could come up with,” Erickson continued.

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Ben Stiller, who directed the show, also joined in with his own take on The Waffle Party scene, explaining that it’s the highest level of reward that is available to Lumon employees. Sexual satisfaction is usually viewed as the most gratifying level of reward for people. Because the people who work at Lumon are only a sliver of their real personas and don’t exist beyond the floor that is severe, it makes sense that the Waffle Party is a disguised (literal and symbolic) sexual experience is logical. Additionally, Stiller added that the scene is a cult part of Kier’s philosophy which makes the sexual experience an almost religious one.

In the end, the Waffle party scene contributes to the mystery surrounding Lumon’s ethics and is a reflection of the philosophy of its founder. In addition, it gives an additional dimension to the life of the Innies and their plight, which is limited to the floor. It brings an entirely new perspective to the human nature of these characters, as well as their

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