Seat to a Pregnant Woman: is it a Right or Courtesy

Seat to a Pregnant Woman
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Seat to a Pregnant Woman: The commenters quickly backed an anonymous woman following her post on a popular online forum that she was refusing to take her bus give a Seat to a Pregnant Woman because of a disability.

The anonymous user, identified only by the name u/support has welcomed her opinion & wrote about her experience on Reddit’s most popular community. It received more than 1300 comments and 9,000 likes including many from people who are disabled who have encountered similar challenges while riding public transport.

In the article the girl, aged 18 years old, explained that she was involved in an accident just a few months ago when a fast car struck her while walking across the street. The woman said that her right knee and leg suffered the brunt of the damage which resulted in a broken bones in the leg, as well as an “basically damaged” leg cap.

So long as she does not run for long periods of time she claims her leg is okay, however her knee hurts and she has to use the aid of a cane in order to move around.

The woman told her that yesterday after school she boarded the bus and sat down while mentioning her knee was hurting throughout the day.

One time at one stop, a pregnant woman stepped onto the bus and looked to find a seat empty, however, there was none.

“I was among the youngest people (probably not the smallest, but) in the coach, and so she decided I was the best candidate to take the seat I was in,” the post read. “So she walked up and basically instructed me to get up so that she was able to sit. She didn’t bother me but she did tell me.”

The woman who was on the bus tried to explain with a gentle voice, not wanting to draw attention to the fact that she suffered a knee injury and it’s difficult to keep her in balance when standing at the front of the bus.

She said that the pregnant woman started yelling at her, claiming she was not convinced of the woman’s “excuses.” As a response, she pushed her dress to show the woman the marks across her knee.

“I confess that my marks don’t appear pretty or look pretty well-healed however I didn’t have any intention of continuing the conversation,” the post read.

The woman said she didn’t respond and continued “sulking” until finally asking for someone else to take their seats.

“I believed that it was however, a person in my midst felt it important to comment on the incident by saying that I had stepped out of line in showing off my scars, and that I had embarrassed her and I could have simply got up and shut it all up for the rest of my journey,” the post read. “So, AITA?”

Although, More than 1,500 users left comments on the post of the woman Many of them lauded her for taking a stand for herself, and others criticizing the person who was sitting next to her who didn’t take their seat.

“NTA You’re actually disabled and needing an area to sit,” one user commented. “If the person who was behind had been so patient with the expecting woman’s desire to sit down the woman ought to have offered their seats rather than trying to force you into it.”

Seat to a Pregnant Woman: is it a Right?

“Also offering Seat to a Pregnant Woman is an voluntarily service, not something the pregnant woman is able to ask of anyone they want,” another user added.

“As another young user of the cane due to fractured bones, NTA,” one user wrote. “I’ve been taught to simply claim that I’m physically disabled, I’m not able to stand now.’ If this doesn’t work, then I’ll just let them go and let them be embarrassed.”

“So many who have invisible disabilities share similar stories. We’re not accepted,” another commenter wrote.

This isn’t the first time that public transportation seating has resulted in an altercation in public between passengers & it’s not going to be the last, but we need to think that are our virtually connected society is really connected to each other on human grounds !!

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