How did Ryan Anger die ? What was his cause of death ?know everything about him

This week, the residents of Tolland are deeply saddened by the loss of Ryan Angers, a beloved 23-year-old athlete passed away on 16th January his achievements in local high school sports were unparalleled.

How did Ryan Anger die ? What was his cause of death

The tragic death of Angers, at the age of 23, so unexpectedly and with an unknown cause, has left many grieving. Angers had achieved much in his short life. He was a celebrated wrestler in Tolland High School, as well as playing soccer; he was also fond of adventure sports such as cliff jumping, rock climbing, and backcountry snowboarding. One friend fondly described him as a “teammate but a brother” who will be sorely missed. It is clear from the testimonies to his good character and spirit that he left an impression on all around him and will not be forgotten.

Who was Ryan anger?

Ryan Angers was a vibrant young man who never missed an opportunity to take on life’s challenges. His parents, Kathie and Russ Angers, watched with pride as their son put his dreams into action with courage and enthusiasm. Ryan traveled the world, explored exciting destinations and made new friends along the way while enjoying water sports like cliff jumping, rock climbing, and even backcountry snowboarding. He always welcomed everyone with open arms and greeted them with a warm smile that reflected his love of life. Although Ryan’s life was sadly cut short, he will always be remembered for his courage, ferocity for adventure, and unconditional love by his mother Kathie, siblings Josephine and Michael as well as his grandfather.

Funeral arrangements Detail

On Monday, January 23, 2023 at 11 a.m.,St. Matthew Church in Tolland, CT will be hosting a funeral Mass and burial for a Christian service. The family has requested that all flower and memorial donations should be sent to Liberty Square Group, PO Box 459, with the memo “Tommy Leahy Memorial Scholarship”. All donations made to the THS Scholarship Fund support current students at the Tolland High School.