Who Is Rosmarie Von Trapp? Daughter Of Maria Von Trapp From The Sound Of Music Family Dies At 93

Rosmarie Von Trapp is the eldest daughter of Maria Augusta and Captain Georg Johannes von Trapp, . Her family published her obituary after she died on May 13th.

Her obituary reads, “Her kindness, generosity, and colourful character were legendary, and she made a wonderful impact on numerous lives.” She doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile.

She was born in the lovely village of Salzburg, Austria, on February 8, 1929. Trapp was raised in a musical home with her two younger siblings and seven older half-siblings.

Rosmarie previously worked as a singer and a Papua New Guinea missionary, according to her mother’s Wikipedia page. She also lived in Pittsburgh before passing away.

“Rosmarie was famed for walking everywhere, and residents marveled at her carrying her purchases home in a wagon or on a cart, often for a significant distance,” according to her obituary.