Review of the Newest 2023 Samsung Galaxy A54

In this article, we discuss the benefits, disadvantages, reliability, and costs to expect on the Samsung Galaxy A54. Read on to see exactly what we are talking about.

A reliable mid-range phone with ample battery life. If the Galaxy S23 flagship phones are out of your price range, Samsung also offers the Galaxy A54, which is less expensive.

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Price And Display Samsung Galaxy A54

The A54 is a mid-range smartphone with a cheap starting price of $450 that combines the best features of some of the best Android phones. It has the design of the high-end S23 phones, a display that can run at 120Hz, a three-lens camera setup, and excellent battery life.

While the camera will function, there will be some lag when running apps, and it isn’t the best. The A54 is still worth a look for many people who simply want a cheap phone that functions adequately.

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Advantages Table of Samsung Galaxy A54

BatteryBattery surpasses premium phones.
DisplayStellar display with up to 120Hz refresh rate 25W.
ChargingCharging is fast for the price range.
Advantages Table of Samsung Galaxy A54

Disadvantages Table of Samsung Galaxy A54

A mid-range processor can stunt performance Mid-range processor can stunt performance
CameraCameras can deliver mediocre results
The niche macro camera disappoints at 5MPNiche macro camera disappoints at 5MP
Disadvantages Table of Samsung Galaxy A54