Ralo Sentenced to 8 Years in Marijuana Trafficking Case, Judge Grants Four-Years Credit

Ralo, a Gucci Mane artist who has been imprisoned since 2018, was just handed an eight-year prison sentence for his role in the marijuana trafficking case that led to his arrest. The resident of Atalanta has been detained in the Dekalb County Jail pending their trial. Ralo was reportedly given an eight-year term for his crime, which was revealed in an Instagram post published on the evening of June 1st.

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Ralo, an artist signed to 1017 Records, was taken into custody in 2018 on allegations that he was involved in the trafficking of marijuana worth more than $2 million. Since that time, the rapper has been detained in the DeKalb County jail pending his legal case. He was finally brought before a judge two months ago.

The judge gave him an eight-year term, but the judge considered the time he had already spent behind bars. The news was shared in an Instagram post on Wednesday night. As a result, it is anticipated that Ralo will be released by the end of this year. Under is what the caption is written.

Ralo was given over 4 years’ worth of credit for time served after the judge handed him a sentence of 8 years in federal prison. The BOP has also given him credit for a good period of one and a half years. After the halfway house approves his home address, he will be recommended to wear an ankle monitor for one year. This will bring him home to us toward the end of the following year; however, our objective is for him to finish his GED or RDAP Drug program so that we can get another year off of his sentence. This will bring him back to us in a shorter period than a year. We need prayer.”

Nevertheless, there is a bright side to this story. Ralo has already finished serving his sentence. Thus the judge has given him a credit equal to four years’ worth of time done behind bars. Yes, even though the sentence is almost ten years long, it will be reduced by more than half due to the time that has already been served. So the answer is yes, he won’t be too much longer there.

Ralo, accused of trafficking more than $2 million worth of marijuana and was arrested in 2018, is signed to the 1017 label owned and operated by Gucci Mane. According to the allegations, he was operating a narcotics distribution business out of an apartment complex in Atlanta that he rented while transporting roughly a thousand pounds of marijuana from California.

Ralo, whose real name is Terrell Davis, is a rapper from Atlanta. In the past, several well-known hip hop artists, such as Drake and cannabis and criminal justice advocates, have banded together to show their support for Ralo. The cannabis clemency activist group Mission Green was responsible for organizing the consortium’s letter to President Biden, which advocated for the release of Ralo and other individuals convicted of cannabis-related offenses. The letter was submitted to President Biden, and it was written as follows:

Today, we write to you on behalf of Terrell Davis and his family to make a genuine request that you grant mercy to Mr. Davis, who is now serving time in federal prison for a marijuana-related crime that did not involve physical violence. The undersigned individuals, who include musicians, actors, athletes, filmmakers, current and former elected and appointed government officials, advocates, and business leaders, believe that the only way to ensure that justice is served is to grant clemency in this particular circumstance. It is untenable to incarcerate persons based on the unreasonably severe sentiments of previous generations when our nation’s perspective on cannabis has progressed to the point where it has changed.

Ralo had previously said that he would never be a snitch and admitted that he, too, could have been at home like 6ix9ine. However, the time is not right for him, but it could arrive very soon. After what seems like an eternity, Ralo will finally be reunited with his family.