Proven ways to Find a Lost Cell Phone that is Turned Off

Loosing a cell phone can be a nightmare that could get worse after the device get turned off. There’s a high chance that you’ll lose a lot including your private data and as well as bank details. Therefore, for helping you in such a need we brought you some relief measure tricks so that you can try these tricks on your own to locate your mobile phone.

How to locate lost phone

Today, it’s possible to Find a Lost Cell Phone by locating it with the assistance of an accurate GPS system. Sounds relief right !! But it depends on your phone’s tracking feature whether it is turned off or turn on.

If it’s an iPhone it is possible to still track it even when it’s turned off and you’ll also be able to discover when it switches on. If it’s an Android device, you’re only able to check its last location also depends on certain conditions and you’re not able to follow it in real time.

Do you know how to find a lost Mobile Phone that is switched off?

It is possible to find the lost phone even if it has been turned off. If it’s an iPhone running iOS 13 or above, it has it’s Find My service enabled that tracks the location of the device in real-time until it is turned off. When the device shuts off, and then turns itself to on again, it’ll utilize it’s Send Last Location feature to update its location on a regular basis.

Make sure these features are turned on in your iPhone

Find a Lost Cell Phone

with these functions you can save your time & can track down your mobile from Find my mobile app, But if you’re using android mobile phone then it depends on the user that he have already enabled tracking service or not.

Make sure it is turned on in your Android device

Find a Lost Cell Phone

However if they do enabled the tracking service then also that feature won’t be useful if the device is shut off. If it’s active, you can monitor it, play an audio through it or even you can disable the device remotely if it’s inaccessible to the Internet.

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Role of Data Connection to locate the missing Cell Phone?

Each of the Android or iOS devices utilize the data connection to utilize the GPS which is called the A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System). This helps to provide accurate information about the position of your device to any person who is able to connect it.

data connection

If the internet connection isn’t accessible, mobile phones make use of nearby mobile towers, as well as known WIFI networks to figure out where you are on your device. iPhone also includes an “Bluetooth location” feature that continues to send location data in real-time to Apple even when your device is offline.

A data connection isn’t necessarily necessary to find a lost phone. However, if it’s accessible and connected, then the process of finding your phone would be much simple.

How do you locate a lost Cell Phone that has been turned off?

The procedure to locate the phone which can differ to phone to phone. Users will need to test different software and methods to find their phone. But, most technologies still uses IMEI number of the phone to track it.

Tracking Method for iPhone Users

If you’ve lost your iPhone then, try this method to find it even if it’s disabled at the moment. Open an alternative browser and then click the link and then log in your iCloud account. You can also use the Find My app on another Apple device you have.

iphone method

You can now view the present position of your device in the Google Map. If it’s off it will show the last location it was in use. When your device is turned on it will check the location that has been updated here. A notification is sent out to the iPhone to inform you that the device has been lost.

If, however, you don’t locate your device within the device list in Find My App, then it might be possible that you’ve not enabled the find my option in your iPhone.

Tracking Method for Android Users

Android devices can be difficult to locate when lost. In such event that your Android device has been stolen, you can use ‘Find My’ app by Google:

if your mobile is connected to google Find My App then it will show last online location of mobile, But keep in mind this point that it is important that your mobile should be connected by WIFI or Mobile Data.

Android Find my app

If the device is in switch off mode or not connected with internet then you wont be able to see its current location instead you will be shown last connected location of device. you can also use Google Timeline feature to see last login locations. To access Google Timeline you’ll need login to that same Google account that was used to sign into the phone that was lost.

If, however, the lost Android device is in compliance with the requirements that were mentioned earlier, you can utilize this app Find My app to locate it, lock it or erase the information. 

How to use ‘Find My App’ feature?

  • Start a browser, go to the following link and login to your Google account.
  • Then select the lost device at above the display.
  • An automatic notification will be sent to the lost phone.
  • Now you can view the approximate position of your device in the Google Map.
  • If it’s off, then you’ll be able to see the last location that is known to the device.
  • If you have a access Three options are available at the moment:
  • Play sound: You can use this feature if you’re near the area that is shown on the map, as it will be able to ring your phone for five minutes at maximum volume, even if it’s silent.
  • Secure device: Use this feature to lock your phone using a PIN pattern, password, or pattern to safeguard your information.
  • Remove device: Use this option to erase all data stored on your phone. Be aware that once you have selected the option to erase, Find My will not help you locate your lost device.

It’s all you have to do using The Find My app to track lost Android devices.

Locate your lost Cell Phone by using its IMEI Number

If you’re unable find your missing mobile phone using the method described above, there is only one option remaining – locate it by with the IMEI number. To do this you’ll have get help from the police department in your town.

IMEI is an abbreviation for International Mobile Equipment Identity which is a 15-digit unique number that is assigned to each mobile phone. It’s located on in the rear of your phone as well as in its box. The number is not dependent on its SIM device or connection to the internet. Your device is monitored using the IMEI number.

you can use this number *#06# to call to find the IMEI number of your cell phone.


In order to do that, you’ll need to submit a missing, lost or theft claim for your cell phone with your local Police Station. Police will then monitor your phone’s IMEI number, and then block the device by the network service. The rules vary across countries, however.

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You will also come across a myriad of software and tools that claim to identify your device using the IMEI number. These are all scams, fraud and fake, and it is best not to take a chance. It is only the Police as well as the Network provider can trace the device by its IMEI number.

There are a variety of possibilities to find the phone you lost that has been turned off. The range is restricted, and the whole thing depends on luck. Any other information you can find on the Internet which claims to be authentic and utilizing advanced technology that will assist you in tracking the device that went missing is counterfeit. Don’t waste time attempting to trust them.

Final Thoughts

I hope the preceding information is helpful in locating your misplaced offline mobile phone! If you have any further questions concerning this topic or any other relevant concerns, please leave a comment below. I wish you the best of luck in your efforts to recover your device!

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