Project Nightfall Marcos Deleted Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Nightfall Project The Deleted Video of Marcos Has Gone Viral On Social Media: Different things are happening on social media, but one topic is gaining traction. Some people are against this topic, while others are in favor of it. Let us now discuss this matter and evaluate what is wrong and what is right.

WATCH: Project Nightfall Marcos Deleted Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Who is Agon Hare?

Agon Hare is a well-known YouTuber, influencer, and content creator. He was born in Poland. He has a sizable fan base across all social media platforms. Many people knew him, yet others were unfamiliar with him. Many people were familiar with him because of his social media videos. He posted a variety of videos, including funny, informative, and prank videos. Project Nightfall is his moniker. His YouTube channel has 7 million subscribers. He took part in several college events and festivities. Agon became renowned after filming short videos and publishing them on Instagram. He is now dating Sonya Mulkeet and is 24 years old. He received his diploma. His current net worth is unknown.

Nightfall Project Marcos removed the video.

Alon Hare created his channel to raise awareness about important and sensitive issues all across the world. The goal of this channel is to influence lives with one uplifting message at nightfall. He currently has over 12 million Facebook followers. However, because of a now-deleted video, this channel is receiving widespread criticism and backlash. He spoke out against the Philippines’ president in his video. After seeing his video, the public mocks her and unfollows his account. When he notices that the public is upset over his video, he apologizes and writes a lengthy statement to the viewers before deleting the video from his social media account.

Nightfall Project Explaining Marcos’ Deleted Video

The government and the popular demand both took action. His video contains a lot of violence and does not adhere to social media laws and regulations. Because of his anti-content stance, the government will opt to prohibit all accounts as soon as possible. His buddies have also expressed regret over his video, but the public seems unsatisfied. Alon should take a break from social media after watching this video. one community are angry and going on strike.