Pokemon’s Endgame: Reflecting on the End Of Pokemon Series

After 25 years we are coming to the End of Pokemon Series or could it be just passing the torch? In this article, we will discuss more possibilities of Pokemon continuing, and discuss more about the Pokemon Series.

Jason Paige sang the original Pokemon theme song and with his voice alone captured millions of hearts along with mine. Jason Paige sang a song to cultivate ash leaving us after 25 years.

Reflecting on the End Of Pokemon Series – Original Pokemon
Theme song singer, Jason Paige, sings us off on our last goodbye.

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What Are Fans Saying About The End Of Pokemon Series?

What words can I even say, Jason? Nothing will ever be profound enough to explain what you’ve done for us all. Perhaps it may sound silly, it’s just a song after all, isn’t it? I don’t believe so. It’s truly so much more. A beautiful work of magic and artistry is the closest thing I can articulate. I have to apologize, as words fall short. We can tell you gave your all in this performance, let me speak for so many others when I say how much we appreciate it, your enormous effort to entertain us as children is not wasted on us. My fondest and clearest memories of my childhood is waiting for Pokémon to come on at my grandmothers after school. Had the beginning of the show not had this much power, emotion, and pride in your Work, I truly believe it wouldn’t have had the same impact on the MILLIONS perhaps BILLIONS of people you’ve touched in our hearts. You had an entire generation singing with you. Your role in this show, and our lives is pivotal. I only wish I was able to articulate more clearly how much you’ve done. Your legacy is forever, we will see to it. I’m positive I speak for many when I say: From the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much. Truly. – Travis

Pinned Comment By Jason Paige on YouTube by Travis Graves

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu were such a HUGE part of my childhood, it’s sad to see their Pokemon journey come to an end after 25 years I’ve watched the first episode easily 20+ times now too. Can’t believe how fast time goes by!

@Touyarokii on Twitter

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We’ve shared a lot of tears All the times side by side Through all the crazy years Now the futures open wide

Lookin back on all we’ve done All we’ve lost and all we’ve won I’ll never let the memories slip away

No I won’t let go Though it’s time for us to fly You should always know That I’ll never let this be our last goodbye

I know we’ll meet again Somewhere down the line Though I don’t know where or when I know our hearts are intertwined

No matter how the road may turn We’ve still got so much to learn I’ll take your spirit with me everywhere

No I won’t let go Though it’s time for us to fly You should always know That I’ll never let this be our last goodbye

Though we’re moving on The bond is never gone Even though there’s so much I want to say Oh The past is still alive Until the day I die What we have will never fade away

Cause I won’t let go And you don’t have to cry You should always know That I’ll never let this be our last goodbye Oh though it’s time for us to fly You should always know That I’ll never let this be our last goodbye


For a quarter of a century, Pokemon has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, taking us on extraordinary adventures and encouraging us to catch ’em all. As the franchise reaches its 25th anniversary, it’s natural to wonder about the eventual conclusion of this beloved series. While the Pokemon journey seems infinite, every story must find its end. In this article, we reflect on the possible scenarios and speculate about the emotional conclusion of the Pokemon series, exploring the potential farewell to this iconic world that has shaped countless childhoods and bridged generations.

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I remember watching some Pokemon series that didn’t air in us but of course, I mean the Pokemon Journeys Series.

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Nostalgia and Evolution Of Pokemon

The enduring appeal of Pokemon lies in its ability to evolve while staying true to its core values. Over the years, we’ve witnessed significant advancements in storytelling, graphics, and gameplay mechanics. However, the franchise has always managed to preserve the spirit of adventure, friendship, and the thrill of discovering new Pokemon.

The potential ending of the Pokemon series could pay homage to its rich history, highlighting the evolution of the world and its characters. The final season or game could feature callbacks to iconic locations, revisiting cherished memories, and showcasing the growth of familiar faces. Such a finale would provide fans with a nostalgic journey, encapsulating the essence of the Pokemon experience while celebrating how far it has come.

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The Ultimate Showdown

Another possibility for Pokemon’s conclusion could be a climactic battle against a formidable antagonist, drawing upon the series’ longstanding tradition of epic encounters. This could involve a legendary Pokemon or an unprecedented threat that tests the strength and resolve of the protagonists.

Imagine a battle that unites all regions, trainers, and legendary Pokemon, emphasizing the importance of unity and the power of friendship. As Ash and his companions join forces with characters from previous seasons, fans would witness an epic clash that showcases the culmination of their growth and development.

Passing the Torch

Pokemon’s ending could also be a passing of the torch, as the current generation of trainers prepares to entrust the Pokemon world to the next wave of adventurers. This approach would provide a sense of closure while leaving the door open for new stories to be told.

The final episodes of the series could introduce a new protagonist, a young and eager trainer ready to embark on their own extraordinary journey. Through the passing of knowledge, experiences, and perhaps even Pokemon, the torch would be carried forward, ensuring that the Pokemon spirit lives on for future generations.

An Emotional Farewell

Regardless of the chosen narrative direction, a heartfelt and emotional farewell would be essential to bid adieu to the Pokemon series. Characters we’ve grown to love would have their moments of reflection, gratitude, and closure. This could be achieved through heartfelt conversations, symbolic farewells, and reunions that tug at the heartstrings of fans.

The conclusion could also acknowledge the impact of Pokemon beyond the screen, celebrating the community of trainers who have shared their love for the series over the years. Perhaps a montage featuring real-life trainers and their own Pokemon journeys, highlighting the bonds forged through this franchise.

When Jason Paige first made the OG original Pokemon song he had no idea how much of an impact it would be on our childhood or our kid’s childhoods.

Original Pokemon Theme Song.

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As the Pokemon series approaches its 25th year, the possibilities for its eventual ending are as vast as the regions themselves. Whether it be a nostalgic tribute, an epic showdown, a passing of the torch, or an emotional farewell, the conclusion must capture the essence of Pokemon’s enduring legacy. It must honor the memories, friendships, and adventures that have shaped the lives of millions worldwide. Whatever the future holds for Pokemon, one thing is certain: the indomitable spirit of Ash, Pikachu, and their friends will continue to inspire generations to come.

What Are Fans Asking?

Listed below are some questions related to this article you may have considered asking.

FAQs We Need To Know About

When will Pokemon end?

The Pokemon Series is set to end in Japan on March 24th of 2023.

Why is Ash leaving Pokemon?

Unfortunately, the Pokemon company hasn’t announced the reason why he is leaving. Ash has been the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime series since its inception, and he has become an iconic character beloved by fans worldwide. Throughout the series, Ash has embarked on numerous adventures, captured and trained a variety of Pokémon, and competed in various Pokémon leagues. However, it’s important to note that the Pokémon series is continuously evolving, and future developments or changes to the character of Ash Ketchum cannot be entirely ruled out.

New Pokemon Series?

The Pokémon franchise has a long history of releasing new anime series periodically. Over the years, each new series has introduced fresh storylines, regions, and characters, providing fans with exciting adventures in the Pokémon world. It is likely that the Pokémon Company will continue to develop new series to keep the franchise vibrant and engaging for its dedicated fan base.

Pokemon Ending on Reddit.

Pokemon Ending On Reddit, Pokemon Trainer Crying

The r/pokemon community on Reddit doesn’t want the series to end. Here are what some Reddit users are saying.

It seems like Ash had reached the top traveling countless journey, but we still can’t see him as a champion, like he is not there yet , but now going back to other regions would be a step back, if he wins Pokemon will end , tell me would you like to see him become champion and Pokemon ending 


Ash is Alolan champion. If the anime is done with Ash then they’ll just find a new protagonist. You don’t just end while being the biggest media property in the world.


I don’t think Pokemon or the anime would end with Ash. I do think that if they decided they were done with Ash, they would place in a new protagonist instead.