Pokemon Go Silent Schemes reward Special Research Quest and Tasks

Trainers, the new All-Hands Rocket Retreat event in Pokemon Go has begun, and it includes an increased spawn rate of Team Go Rocket Leaders, new Pokemon debuts, new Shadow Pokemon, and great bonuses, and the Special Research tale Silent Schemes.

pokemon go silent schemes research

Players must accomplish all six steps of the Special Research Silent Schemes to get interesting goodies and Pokemon encounters. The All-Hands Rocket Retreat event takes place from April 3 to 7, 2022, and it’s the ideal opportunity to combat and defeat the new Shadow Pokemon lineups while also saving our world from the terrible Arlo, Cliff, Sierra, and Giovanni.

Let’s take a look at all of the Silent Schemes Rocket Research’s tasks and rewards now.

Silent Schemes Rocket Research Tasks Rewards

Tasks and Rewards in a Quiet Scheme 1/6

• Raid Victory: Breloom

• 3 Super Potion if you defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts

• 1 Revive if you catch 1 Shadow Pokemon

• 1000 XP, 15 PokeBalls, and 3 Rare Candy are the rewards.

Tasks and Rewards for Silent Schemes 2/6

• 10 Pinap Berry if you catch 5 Shadow Pokemon

• Throw three nice curveballs in a row: 10 Razz Berry

• 5 TGR Grunts defeated = 10 Nanab Berry

• 1000 XP, 1000 Stardust, and 10 Great Balls are the rewards.

Tasks and Rewards for Silent Schemes 3/6

• 1000 XP for purifying 5 Shadow Pokemon

• Get 1000 XP by defeating 5 TGR Grunts.

• Earn 1000 XP by walking with your buddy and collecting 3 candies.

• 2000 XP, 15 Great Ball, and 1 Rocket Radar are the rewards (updated, previously it was 15 Rocket Radar)

Tasks and Rewards for Silent Schemes 4/6

• Defeat Arlo and earn 1500 XP

• 1500 XP if you defeat Cliff

• 1500 XP for defeating Sierra

• 2500 XP, 1000 Stardust, and 1 Super Rocket Radar are the rewards.

Tasks and Rewards for Silent Schemes 5/6

• 5 Max Potion: Find Giovanni

• Giovanni’s Battle: 20 Ultra Ball

• Victory over Giovanni: 15 Max Revive

• 3000 XP, 1 Lucky Egg, and 2 Golden Razz Berries are the rewards.

Tasks and Rewards for Silent Schemes 6/6 

• 2500 XP as a claim reward

• 2500 XP as a claim reward

• 2500 XP as a claim reward

• 1 Charged TM, 1 Fast TM, and 2 Silver Pinap Berry are the rewards.

The storyline of the Silent Schemes Special Research Quest

% PLAYERNAME%   I’m hoping you’ve found some time to unwind. Maybe with one of your Pokémon?

I’m experiencing a productivity surge of my own, but it’s made me realize that my research has been going on for quite some time.

I’m afraid there’s trouble on the way, specifically from Team GO Rocket. Don’t you feel they’ve been quiet for far too long?

Would you mind keeping an eye on the area to see if anything is wrong?

% PLAYERNAME%, you’ve done a fantastic job. I wish they’d give us a break, but I know Team GO Rocket never sleeps, and neither can we!

I’m glad you’ve already rescued a couple of Shadow Pokémon from them.

I can’t stand by and watch while Team GO Rocket mistreats so many innocent Pokémon as a professor and a Pokémon fan.

Let’s go out there and rescue some more Pokémon from their clutches!

Thank you for returning, % PLAYERNAME%! Thank you for taking care of the Team GO Rocket Grunts. As usual, you and your Pokémon did an excellent job of scaring them away!

I suspect they’ll think twice about returning to this area.

However, those Shadow Pokémon they’ve abandoned… At the very least, they’re now safe with us.

Let’s purify them so they can put their bad experience with Team GO Rocket behind them. I’m sure they’ll be appreciative of your assistance!

Those Pokémon are considerably more appealing now, % PLAYERNAME %. I’m sure they’re relieved to be away from Team GO Rocket and with a Trainer like you.

I believe we should track down the Team GO Rocket Leaders now that we’ve taken out some of their underlings.

I’m confident the Leaders won’t stand a chance after how you handled the Grunts!

You’ve completed the task, % PLAYERNAME%! You’ve once again played a key role in preventing Team GO Rocket from achieving their goals.

It’s an honor to watch you and your teammates develop as a team and use your abilities to help Pokémon all across the world.

Now. We’ve taken out the Team GO Rocket Leaders, so it’s time to let Giovanni know that he won’t be able to carry out his plan without opposition.

I know he’s tough, but you’re even more so. I have complete faith in you, % PLAYERNAME %!

% PLAYERNAME%, you’ve done an incredible job! Your bond with your Pokémon is incredible—one that Team GO Rocket will never be able to equal.

Pokémon all throughout the world is lucky to have you on their side!

I know it won’t be long until Team GO Rocket reappears with a new strategy, but knowing you’re here to halt them dead in their tracks makes me feel a little better.

However, for the time being, get some rest. You’ve deserved that for a long time!

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