Paul Bailiff and Jessica Olvera died in Spring Texas: Cause of Death Explained

On April 6, 2023, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to a welfare check at a residence in Spring, Texas, where they discovered two deceased individuals. The deceased were identified as 55-year-old Paul Bailiff, a popular attorney and owner of Bailiff Law Firm, and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Jessica Maria Olvera.

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Who were Paul Bailiff and Jessica Olvera? Learn more about them

Paul Bailiff was a highly regarded attorney and the founder of Bailiff Law Firm, P.C., which specialized in family law, construction, and commercial litigation. He had a long-standing career in law and was an alumnus of the Baylor University School of Law, University of St. Thomas Graphic, and the University of Texas at Austin Graphic. Bailiff was not only passionate about his work, but he was also known to be an avid lover of 80s metal music, a dog rescuer, a history buff, and a New York City enthusiast.

Jessica Maria Olvera was a Cleburne, Texas, resident and China Spring High School graduate. She was beloved by many for her intelligence, kindness, and compassion. Jessica had a strong love for music and enjoyed listening to “After the Thrill Is Gone” by the Eagles and “Outta My Head” by Khalid, as per her Facebook profile. Her vibrant personality and willingness to help those in need were well known.

How did Paul Bailiff and Jessica Olvera die? What was the cause of their death?

The circumstances surrounding Paul Bailiff and Jessica Maria Olvera’s deaths are still under investigation. According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, there was no foul play suspected, and the incident seems to be an isolated event. Law enforcement agencies have confirmed that there is no threat to the public, and they are not searching for any suspects in connection with the incident. An anonymous source close to the couple has revealed that Paul and Jessica were in a relationship and were planning to get married in Austin, TX. It’s believed that an argument escalated between the couple, leading to Paul shooting and killing Jessica before turning the gun on himself. The community has been left in shock and mourning at the tragic loss of two lives. Jessica Olvera and Paul Bailiff’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by the family in due time.

Tributes pour in for Paul Bailiff and Jessica Olvera

Paula Griffin Lopez expressed her condolences over the deaths of Paul Bailiff and Jessica Olvera on Facebook. She wrote that her prayers went out to Jessica’s family and friends and mentioned that Jessica was a special and good friend to her daughter and granddaughter. Paula also referred to Jessica as a sweet spirit and a beautiful woman and expressed sadness that she was betrayed by someone who was supposed to love her. Finally, Paula mentioned that Jessica was now with their saviour, who would show her unconditional love.

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Johnny Angel Olvera expressed his sadness and sympathy for the death of Jessica Olvera in a Facebook post. He described Jessica as a loving and kind person, and expressed his concern that the true circumstances of her death were not being acknowledged. He also extended his condolences to Jessica’s immediate family and friends.

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The demise of Paul Bailiff and Jessica Olvera has caused widespread grief, and we extend our sympathies to their loved ones, acquaintances, and the broader community as they cope with this challenging loss. We stand in solidarity with them during this difficult period and convey our sincere condolences. Please stay updated by checking this page regularly for further information and news, and feel free to provide feedback or suggestions through the provided form.


Who are Paul Bailiff and Jessica Olvera?

Paul Bailiff was a lawyer and founder of Bailiff Law Firm, while P.C. Jessica Olvera was a compassionate woman who loved music and Paul’s girlfriend.

How did Paul Bailiff and Jessica Olvera die?

According to reports, Paul shot and killed Jessica before taking his own life in what is believed to be a domestic dispute.