How did Patrick Briggs die ? What was the cause of his death?

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to report the sudden passing of Patrick Briggs, beloved singer and lead vocalist of glam rock band PSYCHOTICA

How did Patrick Briggs die ? What was the cause of his death?

The passing of Pat Briggs, the lead vocalist of Psychotica and fan-favorite artist, has left fans and family in shock. His ability to move audiences with his words and heartfelt tunes had touched so many throughout his career, making his death a heartbreaking loss. Although the specific cause of his death is currently unknown,

Steve Stevens – a close friend and collaborator – shared a moving tribute on Facebook, saying he had recently reconnected with Pat and contributed guitar work to two tracks on an upcoming record. Fans are paying tributes online while they await further news in regards to Pat’s death. He will be sorely missed by all who were fortunate enough to experience his music.

Who was patrick Briggs ?

Arriving in Los Angeles, Briggs quickly established himself as a well-respected artist creating plans unlike anything that had been seen before. His night at the El Rey theatre, “Club Makeup” gained him national attention with the popular E! channel featuring it in a documentary. In 2008 this film premiered during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Briggs also conceptualized the New York based Squeezebox which further boosted his career. As his popularity grew, he toured with a band called “The Impotent Sea Snakes” and even created stage shows for them such as performing on ATL’s Glitterdome at his friend’s suggestion – only to be informed of her passing away shortly following his performance. Through all this he gave an extensive interview to Popular 1 magazine which further spread his name within the industry. Briggs was especially praised for his originality and vibrant works that captivated audiences across the country.

Tributes pour to Patrick’s brigg death

user wrote

I will miss you forever Patrick Briggs… You deserve more words but I’m just too sad.
edit: I posted this super old photo because I I know this is how you’d want to be remembered. Forever stunning.

User wrote
i want to wish a fond farewell to my friend and band mate Patrick Briggs.

we found ourselves together in a band called RU Ready in 1988 and at our height around 1990 we were regularly selling out The Cat Club and offered a recording contract with Atlantic by Ahmet Ertegun himself who came to a show we played in some long-forgotten venue in the Port Authority Building. heady days.

Pat was unusually and darkly charismatic. stunningly androgynous, boldly self-posessed, the room often went completely quiet when he walked in. it was an amazing energy that he radiated.
everyone fell in love/lust with him the moment they laid eyes on him.
i was no exception.

mostly i remember the times we would laugh together like idiots at rehearsals, like teenage hyenas about some ridiculous fart joke. laughing in long, gasping silences because we were unable to breathe. laugh apnea.

although it never really worked out for us, Pat went on to form the band Psychotica in the 90s and was in the middle of recording a new album including me and a few of the other RU Ready guys when he left us just a few days ago.

we will never see another like him.

rest in peace, my dear friend.