Outlander Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: Tragedies Everywhere [Spoiler Alert]

Episode 6 of Outlander Season 6 was a twisted installment in the series as Malva and the Frasers collide over the ongoing tension. Things take a strange turn in this episode as the dysentery epidemic breaks in the Ridge. Check out the brief Outlander Season 6 Episode 6 recap here.

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Note: Do not read further if you want to avoid spoilers, and haven’t watched the episode yet. Only continue scrolling if you have no issues knowing what happened in the Ridge in this episode.

This week’s episode of Outlander feels like two or more episodes combined into one, however, it didn’t feel rushed and was able to play with our emotions. Powerful performances from the entire cast justified the script that has compiled many book chapters into an hour and 10 minutes of action, drama, and shockers.

What Happened in Outlander Season 6 Episode 6?

For an overview, a lot has gone down in this episode of Outlander. Dysentry kills many, Claire almost dies and is healed, and gets a haircut that supposedly wrecks all of Fraser’s Ridge, and this covers around twenty minutes of this seventy-minute long and wild thriller.

The episode starts with McNeills missing the Sunday church service. Lizzie, Brianna, and Claire go to check in on the family and find half of them dead from dysentery. The people in the Ridge call it “The Bloody Flux.”

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Claire realizes that the water is contaminated and starts her mission to help everyone as there was no cure for the particular disease at that time. She started living on little to no sleep, very less food and overworked her body. Eventually, she herself falls ill for a week, eventually.

Meanwhile, Malva is watching over her and flirting with Jamie casually. Jamie had no clue what she was up to but Claire starts getting confusing dreams about snakes and hearts. When she wakes up with a heavy head, Mrs. Bug and Lizzie have cut off her curly locks to fend off the fever.

Claire is now with a bizarre haircut and Jamie is relieved that Claire is still alive but he requests that she covers her hair by wearing a bonnet in public. Now that’s very rude of your Jamie! He’s also wondering why she was dreaming of snakes in the house and storm clouds (we know it’s because of Malva).

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After that, Jamie shares news from the Ridge that a dead elk in the river caused the water to be infected. The people slowly start recovering while many of them are gone. Claire then goes to the fisher-folk campsite as Tom invites her to come inside his home.

We realize that he didn’t have the same disease but got the symptoms that Claire was having exactly. The two feel perplexed as these things pass from person to person but they haven’t met for a while. Claire playing the good doctor here then asks for a sample of his fecal matter.

Next, Claire and Jamie are sharing an intimate moment in her home. Claire is extremely faithful, while Jamie’s loyalty was shown in Claire’s flashbacks while she was sick. Malva has conceived a child and Jamie is the father.

Claire then slaps Malva across the face, and this is the best moment in the entire episode. She then leaves the room wanting air but Malva shares intimate details about Jamie. It is evidently clear that she slept with him while Claire was severely sick.

Jamie refuses to apologize for something he didn’t do as Malva came to Jamie and he didn’t proceed with the act. Randomly, Jamie confesses to sleeping with Mary MacNab when Claire was back in her own timeline.

Claire knew that Jamie wouldn’t have slept with Malva but now he isn’t going to give up on a child having his blood. The sad part is that Claire will have to face the aftermath. We don’t know Malva real intentions yet. She definitely had an expected heel turn though.

Malva then reveals she is a witch who can bring people back from the dead. Claire hisses to the Christie siblings and warns them to stay away from her family, including Young Ian (who has also slept with Malva, so he could also be the father of Malva’s fetus).

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Ian reveals that he slept with Malva once and felt guilty afterward, however, if she’s carrying his child, he is ready to marry her and take the responsibility. Claire announces that the Frasers soon lived under a cloud of darkness. We then see Claire having a horrifying dream where Malva is staring her down.

She wakes up and goes outside to walk toward her herb garden. The episode ends here and we know that redcoats are arriving soon. It was an explicitly tragic and twisted episode where we witnessed solid emotions and started liking Claire more and hating Malva more.

What do you think about this Outlander Season 6 Episode 6? Do you think the townsmen will side themselves with Claire or Malva? Is a turn from Jamie coming as well? We’ll find out in the next episodes.