Omar Salamen and Manal Kadry Car Accident: Michigan Couple Die in a Tragic Crash

Dentist and Oral Surgeon Omar Salamen and his wife Manal Kadry died in a freak car accident in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Read on to learn more about the crash that claimed the life of two people and what was the cause of the accident.

The Michigan couple was widely known in the community and people who knew them are mourning the loss. Their tragic death has left everyone sad and depressed.

Who was Omar Salamen?

Dr. Omar Salamen was renowned dentist and oral surgeon from Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan’s dentistry school and completed his oral surgery residency at NOVA Southeaster University College of Dental Medicine in Florida.

He started his career with private practice in Chicago, Illinois. Salamen ran it for nine years before opening the Dexter Oral Surgery and Implant Center in Michigan. He was a fellow and board-certified member of the American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Salamen also held certifications in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. He had also served as an adjunct professor in the University of Michigan..

Who was Manal Kadry?

Manal Kadry was the wife of Dr. Omar Salamen and a native of Michigan. She graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit in 2006 with degrees for Product Design, Interior Design, and Art Education.

She later advanced her education to earn a degree in leadership and administrative studies. Manal joined MK Inc. in 2014 and was serving as the company’s chief designer. He design and decorational skills were remarkable.

Omar Salamen and Manal Kadry Dead in a Car Accident

A scary vehicle crash took place in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan that killed two people including a man and a woman. The people who died in the car accident have been identified as the Michigan native couple Dr. Omar Salamen and his wife Manal Kadry

The couple leaves behind four kids including three boys and a little girl. Their tragic death has left the family members shocked as it was a happy family just a couple of days ago.

The car accident in which Omar Salamen and Manal Kadry died happened on Saturday, November 12, 2022. More details about the crash will be available later.

What was the cause of the Ann Arbor, Michigan Vehicle Crash?

The investigation into the car accident that occurred in Ann, Arbor Michigan on November 12, 2022, which killed Omar Salamen and Manal Kadry is going on. The state police is carrying it out and collecting evidence to figure out the cause of the accident.

It’s reported that the car driven by Salamen collided head on with another vehicle and then skid off the main road. The vehicle was heavily damaged due to the impact and claimed the life of the people inside.

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