Myiesha Stewart Died: Know Everything About Her Death

A heartbreaking news has burst out from Greenville as Myiesha Stewart, a female law enforcement officer of the Greenville Police Department, died following a shooting incident in the line of duty in Greenville on Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

Following the identification of Myiesha Stewart as the officer who died after the shooting rampage, netizens have started posting condolences and tributary posts for the departed soul on social platforms. Keep reading this article to learn more about Myiesha Stewart’s death, who confirmed her death, and much more!

Who is Myiesha Stewart? How did she die?

Myiesha Stewart was a female law enforcement officer with the Mississippi Law Enforcement Office, Greenville Police, who was killed in the line of duty on Tuesday, October 11, during a shooting rampage near Reed and Rebecca streets.

According to the MS Police Department, the cause of death of the deceased female law enforcement officer was the injuries she suffered during the shooting rampage.

More about the incident

According to the sources, a shooting incident was reported close to the intersections of Freeway 82 and Freeway 1 in Greenville, Mississippi at around 8 PM on Tuesday, October 11. As a result of this incident, multiple law enforcement units responded to the shooting scene.

After reaching the location, there was an exchange of gunfire between the officers and the shooter. In this fire exchange, at least one particular MS enforcement officer got shot, who was identified as Myiesha Stewart. Meanwhile, two other individuals were also injured during the shooting rage. The victims were taken to a local hospital in severe condition, and they are battling for their lives continuously.

Who Confirmed Myiesha Stewart’s Death?

The Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police confirmed Myiesha Stewart as the female law enforcement officer who died following a fatal shooting incident in Greenville, Mississippi on Tuesday night, October 11, 2022.

An official statement from the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police stated, “It is our request that God comfort the entire family in this season of misery. May God luxuriously favour you as you grieve, and may the illumination of his presence be a persistent wellspring of comfort. We are so upset about your misfortune. They like to say, “Paradise’s benefit,” but we know your distress is still crude. We, likewise, realise that there is power in prayer. We will petition God for all of you.”

“As the breath of sweet blossoms floats close and afterward leaves, so will the aggravation you are feeling at the present time. Hold tight, keep your head up, and realize that cheerful days lie ahead again,” the statement concluded.

Tributes pour in for Myiesha Stewart

Expressing his condolences on the unfortunate death of the female officer, Mark Chills shared a post on his Twitter handle. It reads, “So SAD and TRAGIC. My condolences, my thoughts, my love and my prayers go up and out to all the men and women who protect and serve, their colleagues, their families, friends, loved ones, all cities and counties across the nation.”

Meanwhile, the Southaven Police Department also shared their condolences to Myiesha Stewart through their Twitter handle. The tweet states, “We send our condolences to the Greenville Police Department as they mourn the loss of Officer Myiesha Stewart, who was killed in the line of duty last night. We are praying for her family and friends.”

We send our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones of the late officer, Myiesha Stewart. May God grant strength to all of them to go through this different time. We also pray to God to let her rest easy on the wings of eternity.

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