Most Developed Countries in Africa

It is believed that the African continent is perhaps the most under-appreciated continent of all. While the other continents see rapid growth in technology, infrastructure and trade, commerce foreign relations, education, and living standards, However, a significant portion of Africa is far behind.

Africa is a treasure trove of natural resources. It has also a lot of cultural and ecological progress. In spite of all these positives, the continent is still not fully developed. According to a recent study, it is the only continent that was included in the list of nations that are least developed more than Africa.

As they say that every cloud has an upside. There are a few African countries that have beaten the challenges of malnutrition, corruption as well as economic turmoil as well as civil unrest, and other issues. They’re more developed than the rest of the continent but are still being developed compared to other regions of the world.

The Most Developed Nations of Africa

These are the top 11 developed nations in Africa which are ranked according to the Human Development Index.


The Human Development Index has named Seychelles as the most developed country in Africa. The HDI for this country is 0.797 and the GDP per person is $16, 332.

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The country is comprised of 115 islands that lie 1500 km to the east of the Eastern African coastline. Its economy Seychelles used to be based on the cultivation of plantations. One of the most lucrative aspects of the economy in Seychelles is tourism. Seychelles is considered to be one of the top honeymooners’ destinations. In addition, Seychelles also relies on other sources like boats, agriculture, and other activities, such as poultry, drinks, and other sources.

2. Mauritius

Mauritius is the second-most advanced country on the African continent. It also is a major tourist center in Africa. Each year thousands of visitors come to the city for their time on vacation.

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The nation was initially dependent on agriculture to fuel its economy. But it has expanded its economic structure numerous times since the time it was founded. Its GDP per person in Mauritius is $11, 437 as well as its HDI of 0.790. In recent times, Mauritius has undergone remarkable growth in industries like textile, sugar, and financial services.

3 Algeria

Algeria is a result of its expanding infrastructure. When compared with other countries on the continent in terms of standard of living, the level of the citizens is quite high. The size of the population in Algeria is a good reflection of where the economic situation.

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It has also been noted as having achieved the amazing achievement of decreasing poverty by nearly 20 percent over the past 20 years. Algeria is in the process of becoming a developing country. The GDP per capita in the nation is $4769.


As Algeria, Tunisia has also been able to establish itself as one of the most stable and growing economies in Africa. At one time, it was a country that was struggling, but it has seen a dramatic transformation and growth in the last few decades.


A significant portion of income in Tunisia is derived from tourism, agriculture as well as mechanical and electrical exportation. The standard of living for Tunisians is higher than in other African countries.

5. Botswana

This landlocked country is situated in Southern Africa and is considered the fifth-highest developed country across the globe. Botswana’s population is comparatively small with just two million residents living there.

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The HDI of Botswana is 0.717 and its GDP per capita is $8,442. The principal sources of income for Botswana are mining and tourism. The raising of cattle is another important source of income that is helping to boost the economy of the country. According to economists, Botswana will witness amazing growth in the next years.

6. Libya

Libya is also regarded as one of the countries with the highest levels of development on the African continent. It is primarily dependent on oil as a source of revenue. It is home to the largest oil reserves on the African continent.

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The GDP per person of Libya is $7,998 as well as its HDI of 0.706. There are many obstacles that Libya has yet to overcome. The poor climate and the high unemployment are among them.

7 Rwanda

Due to a variety of reforms in the government as well as leadership changes, Rwanda has emerged as one of the top developed countries in Africa. Rwanda was the site of a huge genocide in 1994, following which the country’s infrastructure, the economy as well as the quality of life were severely affected

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With the help of a supportive government and changes, this country was able to overcome every obstacle. It is now an estimated Gross Domestic Product in the range of 9.14 billion USD. Rwanda is engaged in areas that include education, employment potential, technological advances.

8 Egypt

Egypt has the highest GDP per capita at $2,500 and HDI 0.696 makes it the eighth most developed nation in Africa. The Middle Eastern country is known for its stunning pyramids of Giza. Giza is a popular destination for tourists throughout the year.

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In terms of economics, Egypt largely relies on the sectors like mining, telecommunications, agriculture, and others. In the present, it is an economy with a middle income. However, economists have forecast the possibility of more expansion opportunities across all sectors.

9 Morocco

Morocco located in Africa is famous for its stunning cultural diversity and culture. It is also one of the countries with the highest development in Africa. The GDP per person in Morocco is $3,435 and has an HDI of 0.667. The sources of Morocco originate from its mining, service industries manufacturing, textiles, and other industries.

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The country also depends upon tourism, information tech, and telecoms. Future prospects for Morocco are promising.

10 Namibia

Namibia is located in southern Africa and is considered to be the 10th-highest developed country in Africa. The expansion and growth of the economy of Namibia are closely linked with South Africa. This is because both countries share a common past.


Some of the industries that have contributed to the growth of the economy in Namibia include mining, technology tourism, agriculture, and tourism. At present, Namibia is creating a reliable banking system online for its residents.

11. South Africa

South Africa has an HDI of 0.699 and an average GDP of $6,541. It is considered to be one of the countries with the highest level of development in Africa. The development of the economy here is supported by a variety of industries such as mining, tertiary service, and industrial growth to mention some.

South Africa

Of all the industries mining, it is regarded as to be a major sector for South Africa. Citizens here can enjoy educational and employment opportunities as well as more quality of life.

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