Moon Knight Episode 4 Release date & time USA, UK, AUS, India

Things are starting to get more interesting in the world of Moon Knight episode 4 as the series approaches its halfway point. The series, which premiered on March 30 and will continue for six episodes in its debut season, has already aired three of the six episodes available. Many superhero enthusiasts have been enthralled by Oscar Isaac’s character Marc Spector, who goes by the names Moon Knight and Steven Grant.

Moon Knight Episode 4

At first glance, it appears that we are dealing with Moon Knight in one of his many guises, and that this one is the least dangerous. Steven Grant, who is attempting to fall asleep while juggling a Rubix Cube, works as a museum shop worker who must lock several doors and bind his legs in order to sleep soundly.

Moon Knight Episode 4

When he sleeps, what happens to him? Grant, on the other hand, claims to have intense dreams that he feels are genuine. However, based on what we’ve gathered from the trailer and the comics, Steven Grant is just one of many, if not the only, aliases linked with the vigilante known as Moon Knight.

You’ll want to know when Moon Knight episode 4 will be released on Disney Plus before we increase your expectations to the point where the “hype train” leaves the station. In the section below, we’ll walk you through the specific release date and hour, as well as a detailed release calendar for the Marvel Phase 4 project.

Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date

Moon Knight episode 4 will premiere on Disney Plus on Wednesday, April 20 at 12 a.m. PT (3 a.m. ET), 8 a.m. BST, 12:30 p.m. IST, and 5 p.m. AEST in the United States. If you live in the United States, you’ll have to stay up late (or get up quite early) to see episode 4 as soon as it becomes available.

In the meanwhile, viewers in the United Kingdom should be able to see it before going to school or work. Marvel fans in India may be able to view the show during their lunch break, whereas those in Australia and New Zealand will be able to watch the next episode as soon as the work day is done.

No matter where you live on the earth, if you can’t see Moon Knight episode 4 until Wednesday evening, you’ll want to take precautions on social media (or even later in the week). It’s no joke when we say there’s a crucial incident in the last minutes of episode 4, and we don’t want you to find out about it on Twitter or other social networking sites.

Moon Knight Episode 4 Plot

Despite the fact that no official description of Episode 4 has been released, we have gathered some information about it. Despite the fact that Harrow is still on the run, we may discover more about Layla’s dead father and a third personality in the form of comic book character Jake Lockley.

A rescue mission to free Khonshu from his stone prison should be included in the schedule at some point. “There’s a big, mind-bending swing that makes you reassess some of the content you’ve seen,” Moon Knight filmmakers Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson say in episode four.

“Being able to do stuff like that, which appears everywhere in comics and also serves a valuable function in terms of contributing to their tone and feel, as well as the excitement of opening something up and seeing something you haven’t seen before,” was one of the primary reasons for pursuing the project.

Moon Knight Episode 4 Spoiler

The fourth episode will begin with the third episode, and we saw Khonshu locked within the idol in the previous episode. Marc Spector and Steven were left to put a stop to Arthur Harrow’s plans. Layla and Marc are on their own now that they know where Ammitt’s Tomb is, and I’m not sure if Marc will be able to summon the Moon Knight suit or not, considering that Khonshu is fueling the case.