Popular Haitian singer, Michael Benjamin, who was better known by his stage name, Mikaben, died on Saturday, October 15, after collapsing on a stage during a performance at a Carimi show, Carel Pèdre, in Paris. The musician was just 41 years old at the time of his death.

Mikaben touched hearts of Haitian’s all around the world, when he performed an ode to his homeland, Ayti Se (Haiti is), two years after the country’s most devastating tragedy, the 2010 earthquake.

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Who is Mikaben?

Mikaben, whose real name is Michael Benjamin, was one of the most talented and well-known Haitian artists. Mikaben was a talented singer and songwriter. Born in 1981 in Port-au-Prince, the versatile artist was the son of the famous Haitian singer, Lionel Benjamin.

Mikaben’s career background

Mikaben started writing at the mere age of 15 and continued to sharpen his skills throughout his college years in Montreal, Canada. He came into the limelight by entering a popular song contest, Christmas Telemax, in which his song “Nwèl Tristès” (Sad Christmas), won the fourth place. Soon, he began his career as a solo artist, building a fan base in Haiti, France, Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States.

In 2004, he released his second album, and the following year, he and his cousin, David Dupoux, formed the konpa group Krezi Mizik. They released two albums, after which Mikaben went back to being a solo artist in 2009. Although he started to perform solo, he also used to work as a producer with several artists such as T-VICE and Carimi.

Throughout his 20-year-long career, the late singer got recognition not only in the Haitian music industry but all around the globe. Mikaben’s most popular work included the early 2000s with hits like “Ou Pati” and collaborations with fellow stars like Carimi, DJ Michael Brun, and Alan Cave.

How did Mikaben die?

The tragic incident occurred when the Haitian singer Michael Benjamin, better known by his stage name Mikaben, was performing at a Carimi show, Carel Pèdre, in Paris, France, on Saturday, October 15, 2022. Following his performance on the stage, the artist had apparently passed when he proceeded to leave the stage.

After the incident, singer Mickael Guirand, alerted all the fans in presence that something was wrong and asked everyone to leave. “End of the concert. We must evacuate the room, announced Mickael Guirand. Later, it was revealed, that in attempt to revive Mikaben, CPR was being given to the singer. But all this was not sufficient to save the Haitian musician.

Who confirmed Mikaben’s death?

The news of Mikaben’s unfortunate death was confirmed by social media influencer Carel Pedre, on his official Twitter handle.

Announcing the tragic news, Carel Pedre, wrote, “Mikaben died following a cardiac arrest immediately after finishing his performance at the Carimi concert at the Accor Arena, Paris. He was one of the most talented artists of his generation.

Tributes pour in for the late musician

Following the untimely death of the Haitian musician, the Haitian music industry has been left with an void that can never be filled. People have been sharing their condolences and tributary messages for the departed soul on different platforms.

Expressing his grief on the unfortunate death of Mikaben, Frantz Duval, the editor of Le Nouvelliste newspaper, wrote on his Twitter handle. “This October 15, Accor Arena concert of Carimi’s reunion in Paris presented itself as the highlight of the year and even in the history of Haitian music. With the death on stage of Mikaben, it is Michael Benjamin who goes down in history. Mika gave everything to music.”

We pay our deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and all the admirers of the late Haitian musician. Mikaben may have left this world, but his legacy will remain alive through his music. We pray to God to give strength to his family to bear this huge loss.

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