How Did Meighan Brodke die ? Know Everything About Her Cause Of Death And Obituary

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Meighan Brodkey on January 3rd, founder and admin at OhanaSlack. Meighan was an active member of the Salesforce community, working as a Seattle WIT User Group Leader at Salesforce User Groups. Keep reading more.

Who was Meighan Brodkey?

Meighan Brodkey was a passionate advocate for the Salesforce community and was instrumental in creating a safe space for professionals to share their knowledge and experiences with one another. In 2019, she established Ohana Slack—a platform for Salesforce professionals to ask questions, interact in real-time, and showcase their skillset. Through this platform, Meighan created an online family where everyone could learn from one another without fear or judgement. For her efforts in fostering collaboration among Salesforce professionals, she was awarded the Trailblazer Community Partner Award in 2020.

In addition to being an active participant in the Salesforce community, Meighan also worked as a mentor for young women looking to break into the tech industry. Throughout her career, she developed close relationships with many of these mentees who now remember her fondly as someone who believed in them even when they did not believe in themselves.

How did Meighan Brodkey die? What was the cause of death?

On February 3, 2023, Meighan Brodkey sadly passed away from unknown causes. A Facebook post made by Stacey Whitaker confirmed the news, leaving many family and friends in mourning. What she left behind is an incredible legacy that we would like to take this opportunity to remember. In 2019, Meighan founded Ohana Slack – a platform designed to provide Salesforce professionals with an open space wherein they could share and communicate with one another. What she created touched countless lives, providing invaluable help and advice in the forms of questions or answers. Through the soft yet strong leadership displayed by Meighan Brodkey, Ohana Slack was able to become a center of collaboration for those in the Salesforce community.

Meighan Brodkey Obituary

It is heartbreaking that such an inspiring figure has been taken from us far too soon but it is our hope that through remembering Meighan’s legacy we can keep alive all that she has done for us—both professionally and personally—and continue fighting for what matters most: equality within our beloved tech industry and beyond! Our thoughts are with those closest to Meighan during this difficult time as we remember her life through stories and tributes made by members of our community worldwide. May you rest in peace sweet angel!

Tributes & Memorial Service

As news of her passing spread through the Salesforce community, tributes began pouring in from all corners of the world—from colleagues she had worked with over the years to those who were inspired by her work within the community. Many people shared stories about how she had impacted their lives; some shared photos of her smiling face while others simply expressed their shock and sadness at hearing this news. A memorial service will be held on February 13th at 11AM PST via Zoom for those who wish to pay their respects to Meighan’s memory.